“Annotated Bibliography from the City Tech Library website” Sophonie, Katherine, Cristian

Factors influencing the number of computer in libraries

By: Debbie Malone, Bethany Lavrault, and Michael J. Miller

Sophonie Audain

This article is about college students that use the computers in their college library. In the past “college libraries have undergone significant changes in their use of information in technology” (Malone. D, Bethany. L & Michael J. M). They discovered that 144 or 64 percent of our 225 respondents provide wireless access in their building and only 5 percent respond to the institution require their student to purchase laptops. Wireless access increased the amount of activity. “With more computers and systems in the library, technical support for them becomes a larger issue. Not all libraries can afford to hire a support person. Dependence on institutional information technology staff can be fine solution in some cases but not in all” (Malone. D, Bethany. L & Michael J. M). It true if they have more computers in the library it would affect the budget. The library is an important place for student to study and to do research

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A comparison of student perceptions of their computer skills to their actual abilities

By: Donna M. Grant, Alisha D. Malloy and Marianne C. Murphy

Sophonie Audain

This article is about how computer skills have a great impact on students. These computer skills usually consist of basic to a greater knowledge in word process. The study was made in North Carolina where the students have to pass a computer skills assessment test. The assessment is for student to evaluate their knowledge of three computer application skills word processing, presentation and spreadsheet. “The finding of this study indicate some difference in student perception of their word processing skills and actual performance for their presentation skills, and a significant difference in perception and performance for their spreadsheet skills” (Grant M.D, Malloy D.A & Murphy C.M). Students need computer skills to advance your knowledge. In this world we are surround by technology, so is very important to have computer skill for school, job and etc. It a good idea that they have a computer skill test for student because student must know word processing, presentation and spreadsheet.

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An Assessment of Student Satisfaction with a Circulating Laptop Service

By: Louise Feldmann, Lindsey Wess and Tom Moothart

From: Katherine Culajay

Louise Feldmann, Lindsey Wess and Tom Moothart wrote an article where they talk about a new program that Colorado State university has which is about providing laptops to students when they are on campus. Also they made a survey on which they ask questions to students about the laptops configuration and their own opinion about it. Some of the questions that’s these authors made to students are how often do you use a library computer? According to this a 49% answered that they use a computer weekly. Another question was how long did you wait before you were able to check out your laptop? A 74% answered that they do not wait. As we can see, what City tech needs is a program where they put laptops available for students so that they don’t have to wait a long line on the library just to get one. Also this can be a good idea to put on city tech because as we know the learning center doesn’t have a lot of computers and sometimes they have to wait on a line in order to get a computer with internet.


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Big LAN on campus

By: Lynnete Luna

Katherine Culajay

Lynnete Luna wrote an article named “Big LAN on campus” which was about a study where shows that high-speed wireless is an important fat for students when they are applying for a college. In the article it says “it used to be that high scholars looked at qualities such academics and cost when determining which college they were going to attend in the fall. Today, student access to ubiquitous high-speed internet and wireless technology are becoming factors.” As we can notice Wi-Fi us becoming one of the most important factors to students, until the point of considering not attending to that college if there is not Wi-Fi available. We think that it is important for city tech to make a stronger internet on the campus not because of the students but also because they might lose students because they want a college where they can have internet available at every moment.

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Luna, Lynette. “Big LAN On Campus.” Telephony 242.23 (2002): 21. Academic Search Complete. Web. 1 Dec. 2013.



Cristian Corte

In the first article in The Benefits of Redesigning On-Campus Computer Labs it is basically being said that students really do like their computer labs and feel that they benefit from it. They checked out and based the article mostly on a campus called Temple University. It explains just what students actually want in their computer labs and of course most said that they would want good easy to work computers. But, other than computers students also want a welcoming computer lab and a very comfortable place to do homework and hang around in. Students pay for computer labs in their tuition and it is very expensive for colleges to build and construct a computer lab so they would try to make it worth it for the students.

On the next article is briefly explains the tuition policy in Cuny colleges. It shows different types of fees that our tuition goes for. On average for Cuny colleges full time students pay $100 for technology fees and the part time students pay on average a $50 fee.

Work Cited

Sheri Stahler

posted September 23, 2011  |  Appears in the November/December issue of EdTech Magazine.




“Observations” from Katherine, Sophonie, Cristian

My observations at the learning center by Katherine Culajay

In order for students to success academically it is necessary to have a complete support from their college. Last week, I went to the learning center with the objective to observe how the technology on it helps students to get their work done. When I entered the room I noticed that there were like three or four students waiting on a line to get a computer with internet. Then, I noticed that even though the room doesn’t seem divided, actually it is because the last sections from the computer’s lines are the ones with internet and the first ones are the ones without internet. Also, the room is small and it does not give too much space to students to be comfortable. Sometimes when the learning center is full with students it is a problem for printing because since everyone is printing, not every paper comes out really fast and students have to wait for a while in order to receive their documents from the printer machine. Finally, I noticed that a large amount of students prints papers that are 6 or more pages long, this means that City tech may need to think about giving more paper to students so that they don’t have to be worrying about the amount of sheets that they have been printed.

Wi-Fi is another of the tools that help students to success academically, however even though city tech said that they provide free Wi-Fi most of the time is really hard to have Wi-Fi in our phone, iPod or computer. In order to make the observation about Wi-Fi I tried to get on the internet on my phone. First I downloaded the application from the app store but when I was about sign in with my email account they didn’t let me because of a “technological problem”. The next day I tried again and it worked out, however the internet was very slow and sometimes it closed the pages for me without any reason. As we can see, technology is an issue that needs to be resolved in city tech so that students can have the chance to do their work while they are on campus or waiting for the next class.

My observation at the Library by Sophonie Audain

In the library at City Tech located in the 4th floor in the Namm building I observe that they don’t have too many computers. The limit time each student should get is 45 minutes in the computer. They have a second floor in the City Tech library, they don’t really have that much computers. Most of the computers that City Tech has are Dells. Dells computers isn’t really the best name brand computers, sometime they are really slow. City Tech is a college of technology I thought they would have Apple computers. City Tech library have more books then computers. City Tech library also have copy printer and scalars, in the copy printer you have to buy a card for a dollar to use the printer plus you have to put 10 cent in the card every time you want to make a copy of something. The scalars are free; a student could scale every time they want.

I think they should give student at City Tech more time in the computers. They have only two printer machines in the library. Each student only could print 25 pages per day, if a student wants more they have to pay extra money. The internet service is ok, I like how they have a City Tech library website to look for books and search for articles. They also provide the student with references from the articles and books they was looking for. City Tech library don’t have a plug wire for phone or laptops. It would be hard for students to charge their phones or their laptop. I think the library is the most important element for students because that the place a student could find the sources they need for exams and essays. I think City Tech library should have a plug wire. Students would need a wire to plug their phone or laptop in case of an emergency.

My observation in the computer lab at the Seek building by Cristian Cortes

When looking at City Techs accessibility with technology being it is a technology school we really have a lot to look at. There are far too many computer labs or classroom with computers provided in them. There’s Wi-Fi provided in the school that may be troubling to get a hold of. Even though there are many computer labs not many are known of. Not every student actually knows about all of the computer labs or different services that City Tech provides. Not even myself I don’t know all of the services just yet.

I went ahead to check out the Seek computer lab on the fourth floor. It looks pretty small compared to the computer lab in the atrium in the main building. Although it did provide a good amount of computers or students it could be a little bigger. It is of course for Seek students and there are not many seek students which would make sense into why there would be few computers. It is very peaceful and seems useful to use and get work done in a productive manner. I would really recommend anybody to go ahead and check out the Seek computer lab. I will be checking it out and doing my homework there a lot more often.

“Group Survey ” from Cristian, Sophonie, Katherine

1. On a scale of 1-4 how useful do you find the technology access at City Tech?

1. Never         2. Sometimes        3.Often                    4. Always

2. On a scale of 1-4 how often do you use the computer labs provided at City Tech?

1. Never        2. Sometimes           3. Often                 4. Always

3. On a scale of 1-4 how easy is it to access yourself to the technology provided?

1. Never        2. Sometimes            3.Often             4. Always

4. On a scale of 1-4 how troubling is it to access the City Tech Wi-Fi?

1. Never       2. Sometimes          3. Often                4. Always

5. On a scale of 1-4 how easy is it for you to print out papers for class with the City Tech technology?

1. Never       2. Sometimes       3. Often                   4. Always

6. On a scale of 1-4 how frustrating is it when City Tech computer labs get crowded?

1. Never         2. Sometimes         3. Often             4. Always

“Annotated Bibliography” from: Sophonie, Katherine, Cristian

How to log onto the wireless network? By: Sophonie Audain

This article is about the steps it take to get the WI-FI at City Tech College with the student own personal computer.  To get to the WI-FI a person must enter the passphrase New York City College of Technology the security passphrase it case sensitive and must be entered exactly. Student must enter their City Tech email username and password. Faculty must enter their Novell username and password. They must download the NYCCT network to get access to the WI-FI. This is a very long step to get WI-FI at City Tech. It shouldn’t take this long to get WI-FI. When a student bring their own computer to City Tech it should be easy for them to get WI-FI.WI-FI is very important in college because it an easy way to get access to the internet at school if the person bring their computer. Computers at City Tech aren’t always available for student, so that why we need WI-FI. The process to get WI-FI at City Tech is horrible it take to long to get.

Work Cited

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Retrieved from http://library.citytech.cuny.edu/instruction/how/pdf/wireless.pdf

The City University of New York Policy on Acceptable Use of Computer Resources

This article is about CUNY Computer Resources that are devoted to the support of the University mission of education, research and public services. The CUNY Computer Resources includes electronic transactions and communication the same use like the other University that provided with resources and activity is the subject to the “requirement of legal and ethical behavior” (Karino). This policy is to support the free exchange of ideas among members of CUNY Community and the other communities while recognizing the responsibilities and limit associate with such exchange.  According to Karino “CUNY recognizes that there is a concern among the University Community that because information created, used, transmitted or stored in electronic communications and transactions will be particularly vulnerable to infringement of academic freedom.” They should take this into consideration because CUNY Computer Resources needs fixing.  The idea Karino trying to build sound really good, computer is very important to college students. The computer is an important source that we need to succeed in college.

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Karino, T. (2012). The City University of New York Policy on Acceptable Use of Computer



“Wi-Fi helps students get better grades, survey says” By: Katherine Culajay

In 2008 the Wi-Fi alliance made a survey where they asked college students questions about Wi-Fi and how does this help them to succeed and have good grades. According to this survey, 75% of students said that Wi-Fi access on their college campuses helps them get better grades. Also, the survey indicates that “students will give up beer before giving up Wi-Fi”, this means that for some students Wi-Fi does make a difference on their every day routine. Another thing that is important to say about this article is what Edgar Figueroa who is the executive director of the Wi-Fi alliance said, “Students respond to the quick access to information that Wi-Fi makes possible, including access to academic information and university schedules.” In other words, Wi-Fi makes life easier for students because it gives them an opportunity to check the information that they need for an assignment or important things about the course.

Wi-Fi is essential for students because it is like a tool that helps them to create their path to academic success. However, not every college has Wi-Fi, and the ones they do it doesn’t work very well. As this survey demonstrates, students believes that by having Wi-Fi they can have the chance of having better grades or at least they have the opportunity to catch up on their work. That’s why Wi-Fi is essential for college and its students.

Work Cited

Hamblen, M. (2008). Wi-Fi helps College Student Get Better Grades Survey Says. Retrieves



Pitt Community College (North Carolina) Computers and equipment

In order to succeed in college, students need to have the facilities and tools that can make them change their academic level in a very positive way. Pitt community college gives their students all the technology tools that they need so that they can complete their assignments without waiting too long or struggling with it. The college’s letter about technology said, “Students can check out laptops from the circulation desk (1st floor) to use inside the library.” according to this college, students have the opportunity to have a laptop even when they actually don’t have one because the library provides them one while they are on campus. Also as this college is saying, they try to help students in everything they can. However, if a student needs to print or make a copy of a paper they must pay 10cents for each paper. In conclusion, this is one of the colleges that give to students much facilitation on how to succeed and have good grades, but also they make them pay for each of the work they want to print. In other words, the college helps them but at the same time they have to pay for it.


Work Cited

Pitt Community College. (2013). Computer & Equipment. Retrieved

From http://www.pittcc.edu/academics/library/services/equipment.htm#scanners

By: Cristian Corte

When looking up any places or budget towards City Tech being able to give resources such for their students I found two great articles. One article gave me a full listing of every single computer lad that there is in city tech throughout the whole campus. While the other article gave me an overview of the budget and how it works for City Tech. It really surprised me to see that City Tech has various options for students although not all of them were actually computer labs just for students they may be for professors or a classroom instead of being just a computer lab. It is really great to see that City Tech being a technology school really gives us a big amount of options to where we may want to take advantage of the resources.

The article second article speaks about the budget issue with City Tech. Of course there is going to be a budget when it comes to a school. City Tech has a budget that if anything that is less and five thousand dollars is considered equipment. While anything less than five thousand dollars will just be considered a supply in the budget. Considering that I think we still would like to find out specifically how much City Techs budget is, it would be useful to know because City Tech has various computer labs and technology is not cheap.

Work Cited

“New York City College of Technology – Home.” New York City College of Technology – Home. N.p., n.d. Web. 20 Nov. 2013.



“Learning Area at City Tech” from Sophonie, Katherine, Cristian

The research question of this project is: How does the learning area promote stabilization to students? The area we would be looking at is the library, learning center and the tutoring area. The learning area is a very important place for the student. It’s the place that student in City Tech look for help like exam and essays. The library in City Tech needs more improvement it to small; they don’t have enough computers for student. Students have to wait in a long line just for the computers. They should allow the student to print out more than 25 pages per day. They should have more tables for student to study. They should have more than 2 printers in the library. Lots of students attend City Tech, and City Tech is a big college so students suppose to be comfortable. The learning center should be bigger. The WI-FI at the learning center is to slow, it hard for student to get access to the WI-FI with their personal computers. There are too many students that attend City Tech so the learning center needs more spaces. The tutoring area is way too small. They need more staff that is willing to tutor students. The staff that tutors the students should write correction to the essay. They should tell student what they should do in their essay to make it better. City Tech tutors don’t really put enough effort in the students essay. These are the thing that needs improvement in the learning area for students at City Tech.

We are interested in this area because it’s something important that every college should provide. The library, learning center and tutoring area is very important for student because they are the source we need to be successful in our careers. So City Tech needs to provide student with a comfortable area to study and improve our academics. The sources we would use for this research is personal observation, the internet and critical thinking. The question we would ask to student at City Tech, Is how comfortable to you feel in the library, learning center and the tutoring area? Do you like waiting in line for the computers? Do you get enough help in the tutoring area? Do you like to use your computer in the learning center?

“The Best Place In New York City”

Time Square 42th street located at Manhattan, New York is my favorite place in New York City. The best time to go is at night time, there have so many light and people everywhere. The posters are electronic. It the best place to hang out with family and friends. In time square 42th street they have everything such as cinemas, food, and name brand clothing stores. The buildings are very tall. Plus they have tour buses for people who want to see around time square. It a good chance to see a celebrity. They say that Time Square is the heart of New York City.


Picture website: http://powertripberkeley.com/wp-content/uploads/timessquare/times-square-42nd-street-times-square-redevelopment-is-complete—nytimes-gox05uda.jpg

The first time I went to time square 42th street I feel like I was in a different environment, so many people. The time I went was on Christmas, I love the big Christmas tree it have so many light it really stand out. Everyone there is always taking picture. The light in time square is what brings me joy. Everyone in there seems so happy. They have an ice skating place for people to ice skate. They have so many restaurants; the restaurant I like is Applebee’s. The people I like to go with in time square 42th street is my friends. They have so many things we could do there. You could never be bored.


Picture website:http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_YEz__tMDvGs/TQwtZqcbNPI/AAAAAAAAA3Q/kQlmZ8eqFrY/s1600/original.jpg

Every time I go to time square I’m excited there something about this place that brings me joy. It always crowded I like that. It’s a loud environment it never quiet. You are able to meet people. The food is great. If you never been to time square you should go it the best place in New York City. It’s like a different world that brings happiness for everyone.

“Life Changes”

When I first arrived to City Tech I was so excited, I said to myself I can’t believe I’m in college. My first class was Human Service 1101 with Professor Dr. Justin Pawlukewicz. I notice that the desks are very small comparing it to high school. The walls are blank there is nothing that promote happiness in the class. All my classes give student syllabus. The syllabus is the work that we would be doing in class for the whole semester. So you already know what the professor expects from you.

The work in college is very hard is nothing like high school. You always have to be on track. No late homework is acceptable and you can’t make up for a test if you were absent that day of the test. You can only be absent 3 day per class, if you absent more you fail the class. College is no joke. I thought it would be fun but I was wrong.

It hard for me to manage time I work and go to school. My schedule is very busy I have no time for myself. Homework is due back to back for every class. The homework is very long plus you have to study. College don’t give you review sheet for a test you have to figure it out on your own. College teaches you have to be reasonable. Sometime I have to stay up late to do homework or to study for a test. I never had done that before it’s new to me. I sacrifice lot of my bed time for college. I won’t lie sometime I feel like dropping out. But I won’t, the harder you work the more successful you would be even though you have to sacrifice the stuff you like to do the most. In the long run it would pay off.

High school is easier comparing it to college. It true in college you get to make your own schedule but the work is hard. In high school the teacher motivate you to do better. They give you so many chances for you to improve. But in college you are on your own you barely get any chances. It’s your decision if you want to pass the class or not. Professors in college treat us like an adult not like teenage anymore. It’s a big change for me from high school to college.

The thing I have to work on is managing time, improving my writing skill and studying better to get higher test score. I want to succeed in life so I have to work hard. I not a little kid anymore I have to make adult decision. College is a decision; you don’t have to go to college if you don’t want to. My experience at City Tech make me think a lot about what I want for my future plus the sacrifice I have to make to be successful.

” What brings Happiness”

In the city Somerville they are using a smart phone to promote happiness. According to Jarret Bencks “Somerville Mayor Joseph Curtatone said in a statement. “ But I know that the data will help us run the City as much as it will help resident find resources that they might not know about otherwise.” The mayor of Somerville what to promote happiness so he using a app that is call The H(app)athon Project. With this app Somerville would be rate the best city in the world because they know how to make people happy. I think this app is a good idea they should start caring about what would make people happy. Somerville really care about people happiness I respect that, other city should do the something.

Brian Merchant talks about the happiest and the saddest place in New York City. According to Merchant “And you would never guess what the happiest place in New York City is Time Square Yeah, Time Square. The report notes bluntly that sentiment progressively improves with proximity to Time Square.” It true Time Square promote lot of happiness. You always see all kind of different people, light are everywhere in Time Square. They sell all kind of different food. It’s a nice place to hang out with friends and family. They say that Time Square is the heart of New York City. The saddest place in New York City is Maspeth Creek in Brooklyn. According to Merchant “ Which brings us to the saddest place in New York, which again, you’d never guess. It’s Maspeth Creek, Brooklyn. It not unhappy because its poor it’s unhappy because it’s one of the most polluted place in the city.” I know nobody would like to live in an unhealthy place. Maspeth Creek have spilled oil everywhere and toxic. It not a safe place at all. That the reason it rated as the saddest place in New York because no one wants to live there. It needs some cleaning. When Maspeth Creek is clean you would see a change.


” The Happiness Project”

The happiness project by Gretchen Rubin is about Rubin, she want to find out what makes people happy. So Rubin is planning to create a happiness project to find out what is the real meaning of happiness. According to Rubin (p9) “Research had taught me that most important element to happiness is social bonds, so I resolved to tackle “Marriage”, “Parenthood”, and “Friends.” Rubin think that marriage, parenthood and friends is the main value of life. That what makes a person happy because they are the most important thing they care about. That what research  has shown. According to Rubin (p6) ” In law school. we’d spent an entire semester discussing the meaning of a “contract” and as I dug into my happiness research, this training kicked in. In scholarship, there is merit in defining term precisely, and one positive psychology study identified fifteen different academic definition of happiness.” Rubin is doing research on what could make a person happy. She really want to find out what is the  meaning of happiness and how can she used it in her daily day life. Rubin have a perfect life, but she still don’t know what makes her happy.  In the article she say that she not real satisfied about her life. That the main reason she creating a happiness project.