Target makeup beauty commercial

This Target makeup beauty commercial in my point of view is promoting make up as several different ways that can make people happy. Target is trying to make people  buy they brands of make up by offering women a flawless,fabuoless ,boundless look that many women want achieve now in days. Also that  target make up products  that would make them look young and natural and make them shine as bright as the sun.Also this Target makeup beauty commercial  promotes that by women using they makeup products  it makes then feel more confident  and comfortable with they skins and  of also by using target beauty products make you more fearless and less stressed about your skin by making you more beautiful by paying less and receiving more for example on the last scene they say “Expect more. Pay less”  they trying to say that you can achieve the look you want and be happy by paying a low price  and not spending a lot of money on what makes you feel good with yourself


Summary of “How Happy are you”

This article talks about the citizens of Somerville Massachusetts filling a survey in 2011 that question them “On a scale of 1 to 10 how happy are you now “. 7,500 people mailed the survey back many of them not really answering the question but the article mentions a particular man that rate it  his happiness with a 6. The man explains the reason behind why he rate his happiness with a 6 was because wants to be 3 inches taller and fluent in Quechua . The article also mentions that Mayor Joseph and how rapidly he approved this survey. Mayor Joseph believe that focusing on people happiness was more important than economic growth, Mr  Curtatone  also agree and mention that “cities keep careful track of finances but a bond rating doesn’t tell us about how people feel.Dr Gilbert’s believe that asking this question was a great a great idea to understand more of the residents feelings towards the town. Also the residents are really happy and flatter with the government attention and changes that they made to the town  to make it more comfortable and better environment.Officials hope to continue with this type of surveys and compare with other towns.


19 years old currently a college student born in New York but lived  in Madison Wisconsin for 7 years I move back to New York City 4 years ago majoring in Human services i enjoy  spending time with my family & friends specially with my two sisters . My goal are to succeed and graduated form college.