My Happiest Place

Everyone has there own places that make them happy and bring value into their life. But To be honest i don’t really know what my happiest place is because they’re are so many places that make me happy and that make life enjoyable. For example i love going to amusement parks like Adventure land or splish Spalsh here in Long Island, those places make me happy because they are fun and they are both places you can enjoy with your family or friends. And the amount of fun is endless because they’re are so many things you can do like going on water rides or roller coasters. every time i go i get so excited because i always have fun and i have a blast with my family and friends. Another place that i love going to is the beach because you can chill with your family and have a picnic along the beach. i also love laying on the sand and getting a tan. And sometimes i just like to simply sit on the sand and watch the waves crash along the shore and i like to watch people play in the water. as long as i can enjoy my time with family and friends, really any place can make me happy. There’s so many things you can do in this world so why not go out and enjoy it. so when asked Whats your Happiest place? its hard to pick just one.

My Experience at City Tech so far

My experience at city tech has been pretty good so far. To Start off it takes me 2 hours to get there because i live in Long Island but that’s my fault because i decided go to school all the way in Brooklyn (lol). when i first walked in my main goal was to not act like a freshmen even though i am. i wanted to look like i knew what i was doing. my first impression of the school was that it was pretty big and its very colorful because each room has a different color column. The people at the school seem nice and it seems like everyone is friendly with each other. what i like about City tech is that the students can do their own thing and we run our schedule,( which can be good or bad for most people). and i also like that City tech has a place where students can interact with each other and socialize. But there are many things that city tech can improve on. for example the Elevators ARE A PAIN. all the elevators get so crowed and they are very slow, its so annoying. The bathroom needs alot of improvement. for instance many of the stalls get clogged, they’re smelly, and there is always a line. They also look very old. i also hate that there is always a line at the financial aid office. City tech should find a way to make the line go faster for example more staff or a faster system. The classes are small, kind of makes me feel like im in high school again but at least the teachers can pay more attention to us. the food at city tech is pretty good, there is a variety of food to chose from. but we should have more food like taco bell or wendys. i like that there are many clubs that kids can join at city tech. but sometimes ¬†i am unaware because i don’t know when there are club meetings so i can have the opportunity to join a club. i know that people post flyers but i always past by them. i think that the school should have a P.A system where students can announce news and upcoming activities at city tech. I also wish City tech had sports teams so i can go to pep rally’s and things like that because those are fun but i understand that the school doesn’t budget for that.

though there are many things that city tech can improve on i think that city tech is a pretty good college and i hope to enjoy more the next three years. ūüôā


Happiness in where we live

In the article they Discuss how twitter determined peoples happiness based on peoples tweets and the places they tweet from. ”¬†By mapping the emotional content of New Yorkers’ tweets, they hope to build a real-time map of who’s happy and who’s bummed out across the five boroughs”. Researchers based peoples tweets by peoples use of key words, phrases and emoticons to determine the mood of¬†each tweet. Happiness also correlates to leisure and wealth but not as much one thinks. The¬†NECSI believes it can achieve a reasonably accurate portrait of where people are happy¬†and where they’re miserable. According to the Article researchers determined that some of the most happiest places according to peoples tweets are:

Central Park

the Botanical gardens

and the most happiest place is Times square

Some of the most miserable places are:

Penn station

JFK Airport

LaGuardia Airport

I thought this article was very interesting because i got to see what places people were the happiest and what places made people miserable. it was surprising that the most happiest place was Times square because its very noisy and crowed over there but at the same time i can see where it may bring someone happiness because time square is very diverse. Its also interesting how social media Effects our daily lives. I also learned that Sometimes its not always how you live its where you live.

In Somerville they partnered with an organization to create an app geared toward generating and increasing happiness. the app is part of the happ(a)thon project, first the app starts with a survey then various activities to boost the users happiness. based on this app officials in somerville can determine their citizens happiness. i think this app can be useful and use less at the same time because one can determine their individual happiness but its not really useful for everybody because everyone’s happiness is different.


The Happiness Project

The Happiness Project by Rubin Grethcen is an approach to changing your life. its goes by two stages, one is the preparation stage the second is the making of resolutions. its these stages that can help you identify your joy and the things that boost your happiness. The most important thing is keeping your resolutions. The author not only talks about things that can make one happy but she also talks about her happiness.

First the Author¬†Rubin Grethcen¬†starts of with her life and the typical things she does.¬†Then she talks about how one day she suddenly realizes that she isn’t satisfied with her life and she wants to be happier. Midlife Malaise.¬†She then decided to¬†start a Happiness project¬†so she can better appreciate the things she has in¬†her life.¬†” I needed to change the lens through which I viewed everything familiar. ”¬†(page 3).¬†The Author¬†wants to conquer her faults and limitations that¬†are preventing her from fully enjoying her life. and that’s what the happiness project is¬†all¬†about, finding things that can make one happy and the things that can boost you happiness.¬†In the end its up¬†to that¬†person if they want to continue fulfilling they’re happiness.

This book is very interesting because it makes¬†one¬†realize the things in life that can make¬†a person¬†happy and help a¬†person better appreciate their life.¬†The author is not only helping herself but she is helping others find their happiness.¬†“what is happiness?.”¬†Only you can figure it out.

Levis Ad


 Levis Denim Print Ad 2013

This is a Levis Print Ad. I chose this ad because i thought it was interesting and it can relate to anybody. This ad is promoting the company Levis and its jeans and its also emphasizing the world and its changing fashion trends. The ad says “growing up wont bring us down” ¬†this means that no matter how old you get or how many fashion trends the world evolves around, you can count on Levis and its jeans to still stay the same. This ad also promotes happiness because people can count on a pair of jeans to always be the same if a person doesn’t want to change their fashion sense. The ad also aims towards anybody young and old who like to keep it simple and ordinary while being happy on what they are wearing. Play up your style. ¬†ūüôā


The Secret

The book The secret by Rhonda Byrne focuses on the law of attraction and how we can achieve the things that we want just by being positive. “Everything that’s coming into your life you are attracting into your life. And its attracted to you by virtue of images you’re holding in your mind.” she also says that this “attraction” determines the complete order of the universe and your life. I think the secret and the idea of Law of Attraction so far is misleading unrealistic. for instance Byrne basically says that in order to be happy in life and get the things that you want¬†you have to be positive about everything. I think that’s false because it depends on the situation and sometimes its hard for people to be positive about everything.¬†I also think¬†that the Law of Attraction¬†is too materialistic because it just focuses on getting¬†THINGS¬†that you want to get in¬†your life. “through this powerful law, your thoughts become¬†the things in your life”.¬†Byrne also wants to make it seem like¬†The Secret has just been unearthed,¬†ands its been around for thousands of years and she uses people like Plato or Socrates to make it seem like they have discovered and¬†used¬†The Secret to make it¬†credible.¬†I think that the Secret might help some people but I think the book will mostly benefit the wealthy.

NYC Mayoral Speeches (Revised)

Bill De Blassio: Summary

During the 2013 primary Victory speech, Bill De Blasio first thanked all his family and Friends who have supported him through his run for position of mayor. He also talks about Rebuilding New York City into a better City and fixing social and economical problems among New York. He also wants to pave the way for a better education for the children so they can reach their full potential.


Bill De Blasio’s speech tapped into the city’s issues of income inequality and aggressive police practices (racial Profiling). this shows to me that bill acknowledges the social and economical issues in New York. Bill also talks about a tail of two cities implying that New York is a large gap between the wealthy and the middle class. Bill also reflects on 9/11 and how those in position of authority or the (Dominate class) should protect and keep the people safe. ‚ÄúWe were reminded that day of a crucially important lesson,‚ÄĚ he said, ‚Äúthat the job of those of us in positions of authority is to keep our city safe, to be constantly vigilant, to use every tool at our disposal to protect our people.‚ÄĚ i think bills vision of happiness is to serve and protect the people and basically Fulfill issues that need to be fixed Among the city. i also think its humbling of bill to talk to his hometown of Brooklyn instead of Manhattan Because it shows he never forgot where he came from and he relates to the people.

Joe Lhota Summary:

in this victory Speech Candidate Lhota thanks his Daughter Katherine and His wife Tamra because they were his Inspiration for running. He also thanks his friends and parents. Joe also stresses the importance of people picking a Mayor who would best serve the city and how New york is the land of opportunity.


joe carried his tough minded approach on crime fighting and city spending. joes aim is to unify the City Lhota calls his Victory¬†‚Äúthe first step in continuing a strong future for our city.‚Ä̬†joe stresses alot about unity and if everyone comes together the City can become better. “New York has always been the beacon of hope for the world. America is the land of¬†opportunity, and New York City is¬†the place where dreams come true.New York City is the City of¬†Opportunity. There are no limits to what we¬†can accomplish”. Joe also stresses alot about the Future and visions for New York to becoming a better City. he Also disagrees with the fact that people shouldn’t treat NY as a divided city but to unify all classes to improve the city. he doesnt want to send the city back to economic despair, fear, and hopelessness. “We‚Äôre New Yorkers and we‚Äôre in this together”. i think that joes Vision of happiness is to unify the city and come away from the division that people have set on the city. he hopes to improve the city by unity.


i thought that both speeches were very powerful and encouraging. they both talked about improving the city and its issues but i thought Bill’s speech was more personal and he actually states whats he wants to do with city. Joe talks alot about the future and unity but i dont ¬†know what he wants to do with the city because he doesn’t state how hes going too improve the city. Bill has my vote because its more Relate-able and he has a better vision towards making the city better.

NYC mayor Victory Speeches

Bill De Blassio: Summary

During the 2013 primary Victory speech, Bill De Blasio first thanked all his family and Friends who have supported him through his run for position of mayor. He also talks about Rebuilding New York City into a better City and fixing social and economical problems among New York. He also wants to pave the way for a better education for children so they can reach their full potential.


i thought that Bill De Blasios speech was very humble and Encouraging because he for one thanked everybody who helped him through his run for position and he acknowledges the social and economical problems in New York. For example he talks about racial profiling and how the Police system is going towards that instead of Focusing on  protecting the City.  i also thought it was nice that he talked about our education i think that its very important and bill also Acknowledges the fact that kids should reach their full potential. i also thought that it was Humbling for him to say  his speech in Brooklyn instead of Manhattan because that shows me and the Citizens of New York that you never forget where you come from.

Joe Lhota: Summary

in this victory Speech Candidate Lhota thanks his Daughter Katherine and His wife Tamra because they were his Inspiration for running. He also thanks his friends and parents. Joe stresses the importance of people picking a Mayor who would best serve the city and how New yourk is the land of opportunity.


in Joes speech he talks alot about the Future of New York and how the City should be rebuilt for a better future. he also aims for people in the city to come together and basically going against what Bill De Blasio calls New York as the “Tail of Two Cities”. Joe Believes the City shouldn’t be divided but to be Unified. Joe also wants to Improve the city and come away from economic Depression and Dis-pare.


i think that both Speeches talked about improving the City but i thought that Bill Focused more on the people and the city and social and economical reforms. Joe mostly talked about the future but he never talked about what exactly he was going to do for the city. all in all i thought both speeches were very encouraging.