The best Saturday that I’ve had in years… (^_^)

Honestly, I didn’t have any place in New York that has brought me happy memories. ¬†For the ones that I did have, too many negative things and people ruined those memories. ¬†So I decided that I wanted to change a lot about my life for the better. ¬†I wanted to experience things that before I’ve never did. ¬†When I started college, I wanted that to be the starting point and it did in such a unexpected way because I didn’t think it would happen so soon. ¬†I have met a bunch of wonderful people but these two people just seem to get me in ways that others have judged me for. ¬†They are so much fun to be around and makes coming to school even more enjoyable. ¬†They have made such an impression on me that I always go home and tell my sister about them. ¬†Anyway, we had decided, one day while being in school, to go out. ¬†At first, I was very hesitant. ¬†I’m not one to “hang out” I personally prefer to be in the house but I, along with my sister as usual, convinced myself to actually go out and have fun because I can’t stay in the house forever. ¬†I had so much fun! ¬†We went to Manhattan on 42nd Street Dallas BBQ and AMC Movie Theater for dinner and a movie. ¬†I haven’t enjoyed myself like that in a long time, at least not with people outside of my family. ¬†It was like a breath of fresh air from my life at home. ¬†I can actually say that I experienced life the way a young woman should, being out with people who you can laugh, talk serious with, or even cry in front of over something that may have been so simple, even if it didn’t feel that way at the moment. ¬†I wouldn’t change anything about that day because that it will always be special to me and hopefully many more to come. ¬†Those places my just seem like just simple places to everyone else but for me, I will always remember when I walk pass them, the crazy time I had with two special people.

Dallas BBQ

AMC 25

My experiences at City Tech

Attending City Tech has come to be more than what I expected. ¬†The first thing that really made me happy about starting school was that I didn’t have to worry about rushing from my daughter’s old daycare and be on time for class in the morning. ¬†They have a wonderful child care program with small age appropriate classrooms right in the school. ¬†I love that! ¬†Each child can be monitored with what ever task that they are doing. ¬†At the end of the semester, the parents get the evaluations taken by the teachers of their child’s progress from the start to the end of the semester. ¬†Being able to take my daughter to school with me takes a big stress off my shoulders. ¬†I don’t have to worry about rushing, making sure that I can pick her up in the afternoon, and whenever I feel the need to check on her I know that she is right downstairs.

The classes aren’t as hard as I thought that they were going to be but with me having a lovely habit of procrastinating with school work, I tend to make things harder for myself. ¬†The professors aren’t as harsh as I thought they would have been. ¬†I’ve always assumed they walk in, write stuff on the board, vaguely teach their lessons, and leave. ¬†I was surprised that most of my professors wanted to get to know their students. ¬†Some making it a mission to learn their students’ name before the end of the semester. ¬†At least three of the professors that I have try to make being in the classroom a comfortable place to learn and express yourself. ¬†They encourage group conversations and classroom discussions that they themselves participate in. ¬†For me, the amount of effort that I put into my work and studying are starting to show, whether good or bad, and professors don’t have a problem with letting me know how good I am doing or what I can to do improve my grades. ¬† I am enjoying the classes that I have and I hope that they will only get better.

Seeing the I wasn’t much of a social person in high school, I wanted things to be different when I started college. ¬†I’m not saying that I talk to everyone in all of my classes but I try to have a positive attitude and I try to make myself very approachable because I know how hard it is to talk to someone you don’t know. ¬†I have met some amazing people since I’ve been here, some so different than me but that’s what makes talking to them so much fun. ¬†Having so many people with different personalities helps me to understand things a lot better. ¬†Some people have even made such an influence on my life that I have changed in ways that I never thought I would. ¬†I am starting to experience what its like to be in college but to also experience life and what it has to offer.

College is the time when you prepare yourself for what life is all about, learning, meeting new people, trying different things, becoming an adult, and developing who you are as a person. ¬†In this time, you are beginning to mold yourself into the person you want to become. ¬†My experiences at City Tech so far are wonderful! ¬†I wouldn’t change a thing because everything you do whether good or bad is a learning experience and I am appreciating all the things that I have learned. ¬†Even though I don’t plan to stay and graduate from this school, I will never forget my first time in college. The moments that I’ve had and the ones that I will create are moments that I will share with my daughter when she decides to go to college.


Happiness Apps and Big Data

“The Happiest and Saddest Places in New York City, According to Twitter” written by Brian Merchant is about New York citizens being allow to rate locations that bring happiness or sadness via Twitter, a¬†social networking website for micro-blogging. ¬†The author goes into giving lists of which places where individuals have rated their happiness, such as Central Park and the more nerve wracking places, like one being Penn Station. ¬†Going through these lists, some places like the Holy Cross cemetery were very usual to be on the list. ¬†Assuming that maybe that particular cemetery might be more nicer than others, like the choice of landscaping, and maybe have a more peaceful atmosphere for individuals to visit their loved ones. ¬†When determining the rate that should be given, the geographical locations and scenic surroundings, have a large part to play in the judgement to the chosen locations. ¬†Anywhere that a person goes that can improve the happiness of that individual is a positive place to be because living in a negative surrounding can change someone’s emotion for the worse. ¬†“You are a product of your environment. So choose the environment that will best develop you toward your objective. Analyze your life in terms of its environment. Are the things around you helping you toward success – or are they holding you back?” – W. Clement Stone

In the article “An app for happiness? ¬†Somerville to test it out” by Jarret Bencks is written about an app that is part of a program called “The H(app)athon Project”. ¬†It starts with a basic survey of information from an individual and determines what activities and services best fit their needs of happiness. ¬†Being that this will be the first city to start off the project, it will be interesting to see exactly how this one app can aid in the well-being of any persons trying it. ¬†To achieve happiness is hard in itself, so having a app that can help to find what fits a person’s wants and needs is one that should be tried at least once. ¬†There’s nothing wrong with being a little adventurous. ¬†Carpe Diem.

Looking for love? Go to



I decided to use a ad from ¬† When being in love it brings happiness, so I felt this ad was appropriate for this post. ¬†Being that you actually have to buy a membership package to use certain things on the website, it’s using the desire for love to promote their product. ¬†I feel that this advertisement is toying with the emotions of people who really want to find love. ¬†It’s telling people that they will find someone that is their “match”. ¬†How do they know who is a match? ¬†Is it based on what people put in their profiles or do they know who is a person’s soul mate? ¬†Of course, not! ¬†How could they? ¬† The fact that the advertisement guarantees a match without getting to know each and every individual personally and knowing what they want when being in love is wrong. ¬†Knowing that most people are trying to find true love, ¬†how could anyone use that to gain a profit? ¬† The website maybe top rated, but it shouldn’t, not at the expense of others happiness. ¬†I honestly hope that people who use the website don’t get their hopes up if they don’t find what they are looking for. ¬†It gives false hope to the many just because a few people that had success stories, ¬†or fake success stories.


NYC Democratic and Republican Mayoral Victory Speeches

[Summary for Bill De Blasio’s Mayoral Victory Speech]

Democrat Bill De Blasio, being a native of Brooklyn, decides to have his Mayoral Victory Speech in Gowanus, Brooklyn. He takes sometime to thank his family, campaign team, fellow Democrats, and his supporters. While reflecting on the events of 9/11, he mentions how New Yorkers all united and came to the aide of each other. He believes like then, everyone now should help every person in need. Between the time frame of 11:30 and 13:00, he acknowledges the fact that nearly half of New York citizens are either at or beneath the poverty line, the safety issues caused because of racial profiling, and the need for better education for the youth. Knowing that there are many doubts, Bill De Blasio still wants to move forward and has plans to change New York for the better.


I feel that Bill De Blasio is more of what New York needs.  Someone that has realistic ideas that if put forth, can change things in a positive way.  He shows his supporters that he is a family man. Having his two kids, both in different ways speaking on his behalf, and wife by his side, shows that his family supports him and his positive thoughts for change. In mentioning 9/11, he gets to the fact that one point in time New Yorkers came together and helped the men, women, and children through such a devastating event. Also, knowing that there is a rift between the poor and the rich, he wants to change that as well by helping to improve the circumstances of the lower class with the help and support of the higher classes. Being that racial profiling has become a major problem, having that stopped will increase the safety of the police and the citizens of our cities.  Lastly, the education for our youth is in much need for improvement and I feel that if Bill De Blasio is as passionate and dedicated as he claims, there just might be hope for all of our futures in New York.

[Summary for Joe Lhota’s Mayoral Victory Speech]

Republican Joe Lhota held his victory speech in Midtown, Manhattan. He starts his speech by giving thanks to his family, campaign workers and volunteers, as well as his fellow Republicans. He mentions that there are issues that need to be addressed. He talks about the Republican Party coming together to change the issues of New York. Unification of the Republican Party is very important to him.


Honestly, I really didn’t see the point in Joe Lhota giving a speech.¬† It seemed to me that he was more into his Republican peers than the actually well-being of the citizens.¬† Knowing there are issues that need to be addressed, I wanted to know exactly which of them he actually cares to change and why.¬† Are the issues just towards what effects his people, Republicans, or New Yorkers as a whole.¬† Nothing was really mentioned therefore, the questions that I have for him is, what would New York gain, as a whole, by electing him Mayor?¬† What are the biggest issues for New York that he wants to change?


Bill De Blasio shows more compassion than Joe Lhota.¬† What I got from the both of them was that De Blasio wants everyone to become united no matter what.¬† By using 9/11 in his speech, he shows that we as a people do have the ability to look past our differences or what classes we belong to.¬† It shouldn’t have to take a crisis for us to do so.¬† On the other hand, Joe Lhota seems to want the unity to be within the Republican party.¬† He never actually discussed what issues needed change or what the change could do to benefit all of us.¬†

How Happy Are You? A Census Wants to Know

In this article, a town in Somerville, Massachusetts was given a unrealistic survey allowing their residents to rate their “happiness” in a census.¬†

Wanting to be the first city in the United States, the Officials thought that tracking the happiness in a town with the population of 76,000 was a good idea.¬† Knowing that each person has an different outlook on what it is to be happy,¬† I don’t see the sense in this pointless survey at all.¬† Being stated that “more than 7,500 people have mailed back the survey” lets me know, and any reader with common sense, that could be¬†more or less 10 percent of the residents.¬†

Wow, that’s a lot!¬† Next time I pay rent, I’ll pay 10 percent so I can see what difference it makes on my landlord.¬†

For this town to be between two well known universities, I assumed even the person delivering their daily newspaper would have had a better proposal on finding how to make their town better.¬† ‚ÄúWe need to change our mind-set in how we serve people,‚ÄĚ said Mayor Joseph A. Curtatone, I agree.¬† Finding different ways to help the people in our cities live better is something to be optimistic about but doing a survey that only received about 10 percent of feedback is not going to do the job.¬† If the citizens’ opinions really mean anything, greater measures should be¬†taken to achieve the goals set to improve the happiness and well-being of the towns’ people.

Overall, I thought the article was “sweet” but thoughtless at the same time.¬† I felt that the responses that were mentioned from some of the residents really weren’t honest.¬† I even believe that the survey was honestly not taken seriously by most of the people that responded.¬† To actually measure the happiness of even a small group of people, you would have to get to know each person individually.¬† That takes too much time and actually having to get a …. care.¬†

 [Revision for 9/12]

The article “How Happy Are You? A Census Wants to Know” written by John Tierney is about a¬†census that¬†was¬†sent out¬†to residents of Somerville, Massachusetts rating their happiness.¬† The Officials of Boston want to track the happiness of their residents to see if by doing so it can help to better¬†aide in¬†the well-being of their towns people.¬† The author gives a brief mentioning of the responses and reactions from some of the residents.¬† Also, psychologist and economists are helping in figuring out how the rating can actually help and which routes to take to further understand whether happiness is something useful for politicians endurance.


The change that I made was I didn’t include my own personal opinions.¬† When writing a summary, you are to be¬†to just¬†rewrite in your own words the main idea of the assigned reading.

What does happiness mean to me?

Happiness, to me, is being able to know what I want in life and actually doing the things necessary to get me there.¬† Giving and receiving support from those closest to me.¬† Showing the ones that I have around me know how much I appreciate them.¬† Finding something to smile or laugh about even in my toughest situations.¬† Allowing myself to have the confidence to not let another person’s judgement effect who I am or what I want to do.¬† Most of all, my greatest happiness comes from my daughter.¬† I love her more than anything and everything that I am now or am doing are all for her.¬† Being able to give her what I had and more is my job as her mom.¬† I’ve changed from who I once was and I thank her for that.¬† Knowing that she is happy, makes me happy.

[Revision for 9/10]

To be happy, you must first know what are the things that can give you that feeling.  Also knowing what you must do for yourself to make what you want happen.  Personally, my wants and needs are all the same.  I want for the things that I need.

I know that going to school will better my chances to provide for myself and my family.  I decided to enroll into City Tech because I was going to the Suny BEOC for the Medical Assistant program and I realized that being there was not really what I wanted.  Becoming a Psychologist has always been a dream of mine.  So, I decided that it was time to go to a real college and become what I really want to be.  Being in Human Services is the first step for me to achieve my dream.

Having a great support can help anyone stay focus and accomplish what ever they set out to do.¬† I have other siblings, two brothers, but my sister is my support system.¬† She is my best friend.¬† Which sometimes we both wonder how that is now when before we weren’t.¬† I figure because she is five years younger than me.¬† I was a teenager when she was still in elementary school but as she got older, we started to click.¬† Now, we are inseparable.¬† She knows what to say or do to make feel better.¬† When I’m trying to stay positive but something just turned my mood and she always says to me, “Dude, just stay positive, do what you have to, and get your own shit!”¬† Lol, excuse her french.¬† She understands me to the point where I don’t even have to say anything and she KNOWS how I’m feeling.¬† And everything that she does for me, I do for her.¬† She makes me happy even when I don’t want to be.

Since I was young, like most people, what people think can stop you or keep you going.¬† As I got older, especially after having my daughter, my whole confidence in myself had changed.¬† I realized that people are going to think what they want but you still have to remain being you.¬† And just because people may have a problem with how you are doesn’t mean you should change unless it is hurting another person or yourself.¬† I love laughing and joking around because I hate feeling sad.¬† Some of my own family members tend to judge me on that but you either act stupid with me or you don’t.¬† I don’t care.¬† As long as the people that I want around me are laughing and having fun, that’s all that matters.

After having a child, my whole world changed.¬† I was afraid of everything when before I felt so carefree.¬† I felt like I had all the time in the world and now I feel like I’ve delayed myself on a lot of things, like school for example.¬† How I thought my life would be when I did have a child, after having one showed me that things are not always going to go the way you want.¬† Especially if you have a child with someone who still wants to be a child.¬† So I decided that whatever I do for my child would be by my doings and not expecting or depending on anyone else.¬† I want to give my daughter a comfortable stable lifestyle that, finding out as I got older, I didn’t have.¬† I don’t want for her to move from place to place, different schools every time.¬† I want, no…¬† I need for her to have ONE home that she can grow up in.¬† I want to not only provide but to also be there for her.¬† I want her to look at me and what I do as inspiration for who she wants to be as a person and, hopefully, a mother.¬†¬† I have gone through struggle, still am, but I won’t stop doing what I need to no matter the circumstances.¬† Her happiness is my happiness.

My vision of happiness is basically everything that I’ve written, so far.¬† I’m never really satisfied and I know that once I am able to accomplish one goal, there will be others to follow.¬† But in doing so, I will have a smile on my face, love in my heart, and knowledge to get me further.


Where do I begin…


My name is Lataya but you guys can call me Taya for short.¬† I am 22 years old, this is my first semester of college, and my major is Human Services.¬† I choose HUS as my major because it is the starting point for me to become what I’ve always wanted to do and that is becoming a Child and Family Therapist.¬† I have a 2 years old daughter name Amicia that I love very much. ^_^¬† I am a very friendly person but like most people until I am comfortable, I’m quiet.¬†¬†¬†I look forward to this adventure with all of you and getting to know all of you better.