Annotated bibliography

Annotated bibliography by Kiyanna cush




Improving Student Outcomes via Comprehensive Supports: Three-Year Outcomes From CUNY’s Accelerated Study in Associate Programs (ASAP).


The main idea for this article discusses the reason behind ASAP which is one of the many student advisory programs that help college students succeed. It tells the main goal behind the program the reason and a the need of the program as well as the tactics used by the program in order for it to work and actually have proof that it works . it also explains the great outcome of the program how it encourages students to achieve to their highest potential. If it was the ideology that programs like this are needed in order for people to prosper in college  and this supports my research because I am looking for information that backs up the need for ASAP.


Work cited

Kolenovic, Zineta, Donna Linderman, and Melinda Mechur Karp. “Improving Student Outcomes Via Comprehensive Supports: Three-Year Outcomes From CUNY’S Accelerated Study In Associate Programs (ASAP).” Community College Review 41.4 (2013): 271-291. Academic Search Complete. Web. 1 Dec. 2013.



What Kinds Of Advising Are Important To Community College Pre- And Posttransfer Students?”


The main idea of this article is basically a great suggestion of seeking advisory  to the different varieties a student  that attends college. the reason why this article supports my research is because I am basically trying to find how student advisory affect those who fall under the category of needed this type of assistance. another reason why this article stood out to me because it also addresses the students who may not want to stay at the college their attending  you still get the assistance you need in order to succeed even if you don’t plan on staying their



Work cited

Allen, Janine M., Cathleen L. Smith, and Jeanette K. Muehleck. “What Kinds Of Advising Are Important To Community College Pre- And Posttransfer Students?.” Community College Review 41.4 (2013): 330-345. Academic Search Complete. Web. 1 Dec. 2013.

observations Eunice Kiyanna Nahid (in that order)


Observations at the SEEK building (Midway)

Upon reaching the SEEK building (midway building), you notice that it’s a rather small place. When reaching the floor where the SEEK office is located, the first thing you see is a collage. A very colorful collage that seems to be made by the SEEK students. It’s promotes family, and that diversity is welcome to that site. There is a small window next to the collage. This window has bars on it, making it seem like you’re in some soft of jail, or a constricted place. Below the window are extremely comfortable chairs that students may sit in. Next to these is a table with flyers and pamphlets with information for the students. There are also boards with more information on student academics. Reaching the office, everything is very small. The cubicles seem to be too small for the workers to work comfortably. There is a small area with chairs so students are able to sit and wait, but the lighting in this area is terrible and it seems more like a place where one can sit and grieve about their dead cat. They also have a TV where information is to play, but it wasn’t even on. The staff is very nice and helpful, assisting whenever you need help and going you additional information when needed.




Student disability


The student disability office located in the namm building is constructed with 6 rooms designed and built to assist and counsel students with disabilities whether it be physical or emotional.  Once you have a one on one meeting with the counselors provided at this establishment then only will you receive pamphlets books and reports about what the program does what it supplies and who fall under the requirements of  receiving the help that is given. It doesn’t really seem like a happy environment no one really smiles except for one woman I cant recall her name, but   once you go in there and have to wait before you actually tell somebody what you want so the waiting is a problem overall the assistance in the hope that they do give with the computer lab that they do  have there and tutors is actually great.




Cope Observation

The hall way and the cope room is a quiet area. The only sound that be heard is the sound of the air conditioner. There a big table in the center of the hallway with 4 chairs. It seems to be a really empty place. There is a room around the area where people go to pray. The office looks very comfy. They have a couch and pictures on the wall. The staff is busy at the time, not able to talk to the staff at moment. There’s a lot of information’s on flyers about insurance. The smell of the area has a nice coconut smell and the surrounding is peaceful. They also have telephones that can be used. There are two cubical in the cope room where the staff does their work. The cope room is accessible from the probe and Namm building.


Annotated bibliography ; from kiyanna eunice and nahid (in that order)

SEEK/ COLLEGE DISCOVERY AND The Accelerated Study in Associate Program

The main idea for this website is to show what type of students fall under the category to be eligible for the student assistance programs that are provided which are SEEK/CD and ASAP. It briefly discusses what the programs are in simpler terms how they assist the student academically as well as steps needed to apply for this program. I believe that this link or the website is important to the research of these student assistance programs because as you know many people don’t take the time to read exactly what is written, especially when it’s a variety of text provided. The link above hits everything the students or an individual that wanted to look up information about these programs in a nutshell.



the main idea this website shows the history in the mission of each program. It breaks down the what’s why’s and how’s of these programs, it also shows the cause-and-effect of these programs giving a little data and statistics. Most importantly it shows the mission the reason behind why they created these programs in the first place. Behind any research you need a valid reasons into why whatever you are researching began in the first place and of course the history behind these programs and the goals that are meant for these programs are important in order for you to understand in depth of why they are here. You need real concrete evidence to back up your research and this link  is the beginning of every research.

-Kiyanna cush


COPE. The City University of New York. Web. 20 Nov 2013.


This is the main COPE website on the CUNY webpage listed under academic programs under notable programs. Available here are support services, brochures, events, updates, job placement information and scholarships, all related to the COPE program. As well as useful information to the students, the webpage offers stories of students who have been or are in the COPE program. All students are able to find the school they are in and locate the contact information for the program on their campus. This webpage is very easy to access as well as easy to navigate through. All the information is up-to-date and reliable.


SEEK and College Discovery. The City University of New York. Web. 20 Nov 2013.

The main page for SEEK and College Discovery on the CUNY webpage, listed under academic programs under notable programs. Available here are overviews of both the SEEK program and College Discovery, the history of the programs, their mission, program features and admissions. The CUNY online application is also available, as well as the eligibility for these programs. Although the webpage is harder to navigate through because both programs are listed in the same page, all the information is carefully categorized for more ease. The information that this site offers is up-to-date and reliable.    

-Eunice Sanchez


Seek. The Percy Ellis Sutton SEEK Program. Web. 20 Nov 2013

This is the main page for city tech seek program. The Percy Ellis SEEK Program gives services to the people that need financial service. The web page explains everything SEEK program offers. There’s an admission office that is listed on the website on the hours it’s open and closed. This website is reliable to help students understand more about seek and if they are eligible to get into the program.



Cope. The City University Of New York. Web. 20 Nov 2013


This is the main website for cope. It offers education assist such as tutoring, brochure, scholarship, job placement, and events and updates. There’s a cope admission office in New York City College of Technology. On the website they have a number to reach their office to know more about the program that’s being offered. The website is up to date and is reliable.


Nahid Rimon

best place in nyc….. subway trains

The Subway. The New York subway in a way is kind of like another world of its own, where people are rushing talking laughing crying and arguing that noise alone can turn many people  away from the subway but   in the same sense it was a place of peace and serenity were your mind can wonder off freely. I love the subway for many reasons  one of the reasons would be the whole different ethnicities. it’s a diversity of different cultures and backgrounds even Beliefs. actually its mind-boggling to know that you can learn on the new york subway.

I remember going on the train one day to go to to soho and i met one of my closes friends on that ride. i remember it like it was yesterday ….

i noticed her. i didn’t know her name but if i could have guessed it; it would be something like Blessed or Angel, she looked heaven sent. She had dreads but her dreads were like no other past her knees but too precious to touch the ground. Golden spirals of curls that looked soft but strong, caramelized complexion with a hint of vanilla seemed to cover her bones like satin silk sheets on a queen size bed she was the definition of elegance.  Her body was slender but curved in all the right places hips built like she carried a village in her past life, bust laid on top of her frame like she nursed all babies back to health. her nails were cut short and polished with clear polish hands decorated in Hindi designs but she was no Arabic she loved beautiful things. she stood tall like a tree that has been around for many centuries she couldn’t be knocked down. Eyes seemed to  bless you when she glances your way like they have been placed  on her body so you  can get a glance at her soul slanted and squinted they looked, she was mixed but to me i didn’t see the mix of ethnicity i saw a mother cheetah ready to attack her prey and all in the same eyes a saw a lil girl who looked like she lost her best friend ,Greenish-brown her eyes were, seemed like they couldn’t decide which earthly color they wanted to be so they chose both.Her lips pink round soft and curved in a smile line or a frown line  i couldn’t distinguish it she was mysterious. she was beautiful.High cheek bones but concealed by a her soft flesh. Her ears were plastered in jewelry she liked expressing herself through body art and then I saw it was less noticeable because it blended so well with her complexion Her hearing aid, she was deaf.

i remember actually having enough courage to write her a note saying i love her  I love her jewelry….long story short thats how one of my closes friends met.

my experience at city tech

My experiences so far at City  Tech the New York school of technology, are better then I expected it be. I started a little apprehensive about going to the school because I know that this is not what I wanted to be my original game plan was to go to Brauch college, but because my   GPA wasn’t what they required I decided I spend my first year at City Tech building it up. Any way I have met some of the coolest people to be around  which makes coming to city tech not so bad not to mention I love three of my classes, intro to college life which helps me take responsibility for my actions, my human service class which I love the most because it drives me even more to achieve my dream in becoming a social worker  and lastly my remedial math believe me I hate math but my teachers and class mates make it more tolerable.


My main focus overall is to pass all of my classes with the grade that I’ve set for myself honestly believe that I am getting  the motion of being a college student and though it is different from being a high school student I’m getting the hang of it . I love the college is unpredictable nothing can be predicted unlike high school you set the same boundaries for yourself, you do the same things college is like in a sense but has a variety of experiences. I really do enjoy city tech

oh happy day !

Imagine a phone app that can bring happiness! The citizens of Smartville city serve as a Guinea pig for this new project that’s main goal is to promote happiness. Previous before this creative idea ,  “Somerville distributed happiness surveys to residents and compiled the data into a “Report on Wellbeing,” which has been used to steer policy in the city” this city is indeed ambitious to promote happiness to their residents. The h(app)ton project has created a app that’s has made something so hard to obtain so simple. After one  survey, a person is matched up to a hobby or interest of theirs.. So in simpler terms  their “identifying where people already find meaning in their lives to help connect them to ways to get happier while helping others.”

While others of focusing on what makes people happy brian Merchant discusses New York City  and where the happiest and the saddest place in.  you’ll never believe the happiest place in New York City is Time Square. An area filled with tourist different ethnicities traffic loud noise and busy intersections is the happiest place in new york. Maspeth Creek in Brooklyn is noted to be the saddest place in new york. According to the article “It’s not unhappy because it’s poor—it’s unhappy because it’s one of the most polluted places in the city. “While it’s geographic features are unremarkable, this area is one of the most polluted urban water bodies in the country,” the report notes. There was a massive oil spill in Maspeth years ago—one of the biggest in American history—and it’s still getting cleaned up. The cleanup process releases a foul stench, and the toxic nature of the spilled oil may have adverse impacts on the community’s health. And they hate it. It’s the least happy place in all of New York because of it.


I personally believe that once it is taking care of in the right manner then it can bring hope and happiness to its citizens

happiness project

The happiness project authored by Gretchen Rubin a woman seeking more “happiness”. She had an euphony one day and realized she just isn’t happy enough and wanted to change that.  Not to say she was a miserable person and suffering from anything at all as a matter a fact she was healthy had a loving family practically a wonderful life, that she just wasn’t satisfied with. That’s when she   started the ‘happiness project’ in efforts to learn to appreciate all the things she’d been blessed with I needed to change the lens through which I viewed everything familiar. “ (page 3).  Rubin wanted to see the things in her  life for what they actually where and appreciate them whole-heartedly.  She wanted to encourage continuing to find things that make you happy and not only settling.


I believe this reading is for those whom aren’t satisfied with the things they do have and making the best out every situation , but personally I wouldn’t recommend this reading for my self it promotes greed and ungratefulness in my eyes.

newport’s advertisement



What a radiant smile and passionate embrace, that’s what Newport brings peace serenity and happiness . well that’s what Newport Americas well known cigarette company  promotes, or in other words persuades buyers to believe once they purchase the product. I mean seriously who wouldn’t want to feel good, and in total paradise ? and just to think by buying there product you can achieve that? Shoot I’d buy it to but in all actuality the logo and promotion picture is promoting these great Ideas when in reality the product being promoted is well known for  being that force that causes majority of individuals death worldwide. For a quick second this  even  forced me to think about getting  a cigarette to see how it feels or to see whether it  up to what it promotes and that would be relaxation




the secret

I have a secret, would you like to know? Guess what you already know it, you just haven’t realized it yet. Its believed that we all have this one infinite power that we can control the outcome of our own life. As stated “anything that you are thinking your mind you are attracting to “ and that my friend is the law of attraction. For example if you are a negative person and only think of negative things that is the only thing you’re attracting to your life negativity. Simple put the law of attraction is described as ‘like attracts like “, but the law of attraction is a transformation in the way of your thinking. Your mind and your thoughts that come across your mine become things and what is trying to be explained is that if you think about it with more focus you can actually get it. The law of attraction is not bias it doesn’t think about things that you do or you don’t want but focuses more on you thought process. I’d honestly wish I’d discover this secret before, that I had a say in how fast success can come. I like the idea that if you just think on positivity and not so much of the negativity things can get better

REVISION -visions on well being of nyc mayoral candidate speeches

Bill De Blaisio new york city primary victory speech starts in more of a personal light his eighteen year old Chiara opens a warm felt dedication to her father and all his work ethics. He than thanks all whom have participated in supporting him in his efforts to help him become NYC’s new democratic  mayor. As the speech goes on he passionately give thanks to his close love ones. Blaisio also held in remembrance nine-eleven, later on he talks about  “A Tale Of Two Cities” which it refers to the “have and have nots” the wealthy and the poor in  political terms the “taxation of the wealthy” ,  racial profiling and the abuse of  “stop and frisky” and lastly the most important one of all that was discussed was the education policy . in his conclusion he states that these are “Risks as a city, we can not afford to take” (16:20). Overall his speech was a discussion on what he wants to do for the citizens on New york and what he believes is the best procedures to take in order to get where he believes we need to be as a way to achieve as a whole.




Bill De  blaisio’s speech was outstanding in a short amount of time that he talked. He seemed to really care about the New York citizens it was more heartfelt. De Blasio decideded to do his speech in Brooklyn instead of new york which showed that he haven’t forgotten where he came from. He talked about what he felt the issues of New York City which many can relate to.  His remembrance of 9/11 allowed people to actually  he respect and compassion  for  the people of new york . because he himself hold his children to high standards he wants all the children to have the best o what education has to offer. He also sheds light of the economic growth of  the mid –class and poor referring to the taxation of the wealthy .




Joe Lhota Victory Speech, was very straightforward . it started out by giving a lovely thank you to his  daughter and his wife  he also give thanks to his parents his campaign team and  also all who put  effort into making his campaign stronger  from his point of view. He seems to be attacking the other party in reference to the “Tales of Two Cities” from his understanding its just distraction method used by the other party to keep focus on the real problems, he doesn’t really go in depth  of the economic struggles the lower class and middle class is dealing with. But he does express his interest in making charter schools better. Lhota says he doesn’t want to attract only one group that he himself wants all union for new york citizens.


Lhota , was very vague in his approach to win my attention into believing that he would be the best candidate for mayor. On numerous occasions he discusses how he wants the community and the parties to come together in union but he doesn’t discuss how he’s going to do it, which in my personal opinion makes me believe that he’s all talk and no action.