Happiest places vs. Unhappy places in NYC

From what i observed in NYC the happiest places are places that people can get away, walk around, meet new people, and be themselves. When i see people in NYC walking around crowded areas it is unpleasant. Malls are something people like as well. Subway stations makes people very upset. Being happy is very important and it has to do with the surrounding.

When people is walking on the side walk and it is crowded there is pushing and shoving. Some people even argue over a little push, which starts fights or even riots. This rarley happens. People are less likely smiling on a crowded sidewalk than a happy place like Riverbank park. A person who wants to be happy might cross over to a less crowded side walk, but most times their is no way to get out of that.

People go to he mall and go shopping and meet new people. The mall is a great way to be happy and do some things with friends. Sitting at a resturaunt or a spot with multiple chairs to sitor chat with friends is a part of what makes New Yorkers happy. Buying things at the mall, helps people with their happiness. A mall is great for a couple of things, which are walking around, socializing with people or with friends, eating and going shopping.

Subway stations are a prime example of unhappiness in NYC today. People spend lots of money riding the subway each and everyday to get to their destination. But the  subway is very dirty, crowded, and the trains are messed up at times. Its hard for people who have to ride the train everyday. People get arrested everyday just for going through the door or the turnstile and haveto pay money for a ticket they can or cannot pay. The train station can atleast be clean and platforms should atleast feel safe.

Over all surroundings effect peoples happiness in NYC. It is important that people measure their happiness with there surroundings. A park such as River Bank is fairly big and people can walk around to get away and to think. The park gives people a sense of space from others or even bond with others. It is hard to be around filth and walk around unhappy because of it. People should work hard to not liter and their should be better quality on the train. People should feel safe.

My Experiences at City Tech

My experiences at City Tech has been great, but not perfect.I know that i can not change anything right away. I think im most good at adapting to different circumstances here. I know that it is important for me to work hard and pass my classes. Working towards my furture is my main concern. In order to complete my task, considering that the environment and the surroundings can improve and support peoples education.

Since I did not help build or incorporate any ideas into the process of the college i will not dwell on the fact that things at the college are not what i expected. But i will say that since i been here i have learned to cope with the environment. The elevators is an issue, but i can not fix it. This issue interfers with people’s education here at City Tech, because the eleveators are crowded to where people have to wait for the next one to come. It is very disappointing to me. I try not to complain instead i feel that it s better i smile, and then wait on the next elevator. Learning to adapt to the surroundings at City Tech have not been the best, but certainly not the worst niether.

Working hard to pass my classes is my main focus. I feel like as long as nothing is getting in my way of doing that, then i can manage. As long as i have the right mindset, that alone helps me stay focus. Another issue that may get in the way of my work ethic, is the computer room. There are limited computers, so when i have to print my work from there i have a hard time, why? because every available computer becomes unavailable. I found a way to fix that issue by trying to get there earlier to wait for a computer and actually use it.

Overall, i hope that every downfall here at City Tech changes for the better. I really hope that space for many oppurtunities become more open. City Tech is not bad but not all that good yet. I know there is a bright furture for a better college for students. Giving up will not help , but pushing foward will help with every issue that is incorporated with City Tech.

Quantified Self H(app)athon; The Happiest and Saddest Places In New York City According to Twitter

      Every one would love to be happy where they live and everywhere they are, but that is not always the case. It is really disgusting and not fair that  people have to live in places that have a horribe environment. The best places to live nearby is the city parks, the environment is much better. The H(app)athon app is a good way for people to keep up with their happiness. Any persons that are able to understand what makes them happy or unhappy is the best way to balance their way of living.

Would any one like to live in a polluted environment with disgusting garbage or see unpleasant stuff on the street? The answer is no. According to ” The happiest and saddest places in New York City, According to twitter”  it is a true statement people that are surrounded by unpleasant areas are unhappy, it states “we find that public mood is generally highest in public parks and lowest at transportation hubs, and locate other areas of strong sentiment such as cemetries, medical centers, a jail, and a sewage facility.” (Para 6) Here it shows that based on the environment will explain why people on twitter living around it will post about unhappiness rather than being blissful.

City parks are beautiful and clean people love to take a walk in a park such as Central park, it is apart of making people smile. Based on the article “Happiest and saddest places in New York City, According to twitter” city parks are what makes people more happy based on tweets who live in these areas, it explains ” happiest parks in the city, according to complex systems theorists. A1. Central park A2. New York Botanical Garden………there seems to be no better argument for city planners not to skimp on the urban green spaces than this. People love parks!.”( Para 8-9) This explains people happiness based on the environment and how city parks are apart of people happiness depending on the area they live in.

Knowing what makes one self happy is very important and a good way to keep track of it. According to the H(app)athon app for iphones, which basically allows people to discover their personal happiness through a survey.Here it states “the things you do and say focused on well-being, meaning, purpose, and action.” (Para 1) This showing that the H(app)athon allows people to understand a good way to keep a balance of their happiness and what they behaviors are on a everyday basis. It is important for people to maintain the balance and have a good understanding to have a healthy mental and behavior process in life.

Overall, The environment and understanding one self, is based on the balance of a person happiness. The environment interfers with people happiness. Whether it is good or bad it still have an  impact on a person. In addition to that, understanding of one self as far as happiness goes is very important in a way to balance between what makes one self unhappy and happy on a daily basis. It is important to balance between the two because people rather live happy than to live miserable lives.

Happiness Project

According to ” The Happiness Project” by Gretchen Rubin. The view in the happiness project is related o real life stories and how people live on a day to day bases. Rubin story on how she was successful and lost every thing, such as her happiness really bothered her. She decided to take steps in her life to regain her happiness that she lost. She also felt like she was not appreciating what she had. Instead of giving up she kept moving forward by planning on her next step. I think that her memories pushed her more to make a better life for herself. She also feels confident that each and every day she set her mind to making a change in her life. She explains that she was curious of the cause of everything, and how she lost her happiness. Once she figured out how she lost her happiness, she need to know how to get it back. Knowing that it will not be easy to do so , she sill put effort and did not give up.Each and every day she want to achieve a goal or set a goal to look forward to. She take each day at a time to make progress.

Checkers Advertisement Of Coupons

CAM00087This advertisement of the coupons is trying to persuade people to use these coupons in their store. First this coupon is saying ” hey the food is fresh and good when you come to checker “In the morning or evening” and “when you come here at night”. Based on  that observation the persuasion is trying to tell people a few things; the food is good, fresh day and at night, and the flavors are very good people should eat here and be more satisfied. The bold print on the coupon is trying to persuade people and get the attention of the readers to actually use there money to buy this food. The ” FREE” In bold is trying to tell people hey its free only with a small purchase of anything you may like. People will feed into this people they want to eat good but also save money,which is ” having the cake and eating it too”. Looking at this  coupon made me want to buy a few things i wanted to eat at the resturaunt. Another thing that I notice is that the advertisement is giving free offers but also making people buy something first. That is good and a very clever to allow people to use there expenses but offer them something in return inorder to further persuade them to spend their money on the food.

“The Secret”

In the story ” The secret” by Rhodan Byme describes “The Secret” as disease, a lot of wealth, obstacles that are overwhelming and achieving what many would regard as impossible. This is stated in the beginning of the article. The law of attraction is introduced and it is what a person life is based on. The law of attraction is what people are attracted to and what they are thinking, which is stated on page 4. An example of The law of attraction is ” they think thoughts of abundance and wealth, and they do not allow any contradictory thoughts to take root in their minds. Their predominant only of wealth are what brought wealth to them” ( Pg. 6 ). This shows that when a person set their mind to something it sticks with them and make them who they are in life. They set out goals for themselves by just having a dominant idea on their mind. I learned that the la of attraction comes in to play when a person is upset about something and as they continue to think about it they get more and more upset. I agree with the statement in the article that people are becoming what they think. An idea that made me think was , on page 12, when it stated that people focus on most of what they ” don’t want” then what they ” want” but because their mindsets are on what ” they don’t want” that is what will happen because their minds are focused on it. The law of attraction does not care what a person don’t want. I agree with this theory because if I focused on what I want then I believed it can happen if I set my mind to it. People who think negative always have negative pathways, but people who have a positive mindset have a positive pathway.

Mayoral Candidate Views On Happiness For New Yorkers ( Revision)

Democratic nominee, Bill de Blasio speech mainly focused on the inequality of people in New York. He focused on the changes that need to be made that Republicans do not tolerate. According to the speech Bill de Blasio stated ” policing policies that single out young people of color a stop and frisk error that many ways make both communities and the police less safe that isn’t a New York we can allow to continue it is a risk that we as a city cannot afford to take” (16:30-16:57). This shows that Bill de Blasio wants to make changes that is relative to the democratic point of view. His focus is on the poor people , as well as making change for them he wants everyone to be equally happy. The Rhetoric that Bill de Blasio used was allusion. Allusion is a reference to the past. He made a reference to what happened on September 11, 2001 when the plane crashed into the twin towers. He explained with emotional terms that ” despite all the pain that we suffered that day we also seen New Yorkers at their very best the heroic first respondents who didn’t give a second thought of laying down their lives in order to save others, thousands and thousands of New Yorkers who gave support to neighbors but also to perfect strangers facing the biggest challenge of their lives”. This here shows that Bill de Blasio is taking people feelings as a part of his motivation of why there should be a change in New York giving his opinion in facts. On the other hand Joe Lhota is not thinking too much about change for New York he wants to strengthen the government more with policing and making sure that the economy continues to grow. He is focused on the wealthy more than the poor. During his speech he mentioned ” It is time for our party to come together and unite for our common good” (3:00-3:04). Lhota views of change is what is common but some people like the minority groups are not balanced with the common good, which are the wealthy. This statement does not mention much about change in New York City. Another viewpoint that was said by Joe Lhota was ” there have been times when this campaign were petty attacks and distractions have dominated the conversation my campaign have always been about what matters to New Yorkers and how the mayor can best serve the people of this great city and at the end of this day this is what brought us to victory issues, vision, principles, and experience” (3:08-3:33). The Rhetoric that is used by Joe is Hyperbole when he said that there were attacks during his campaign when there were not really any attacks. Lhota view of happiness is ” supporting the police to stop any crimes that happen Joe said ” we need to keep our streets safe and we can do that by supporting the NYPD” ( 8:28-8:32). He want to keep the government strong by giving the police more praise to keep certain people off the streets. Lhota mentions ” we may be five boroughs but we are one city one people and the last thing we want is to send our city back to the economic despair fear and hopelessness ( 6:30-6:40). This is showing that he do not the economy to have downfalls where there is people scared that they will not have access to a lot of money or anything that negatively impacts New Yorkers. Hyperbole is exaggeration of what actually happened. Throughout his speech he did not mention a well known issue in New York City that need to be fixed he only mentions the good but did not mention what is bad and needs justice.Compared to Joe Lhota speech Bill de Blasio actually used a lot of issues that need to be situated. Joe Lhota did not mention many problems and was not mostly focused on the main problems.Joe Lhota is part of the Republican party as a conservative who was not thinking very complex about solving issues such as stop and frisk, public school, and gun violence.

Summary of ” How Happy Are You?”

According to the census many people have different views of what makes them happy just like everybody is born with different characteristics. Officials decided to take a big step by getting information from people to keep track of their happiness. Officials decided to mail out surveys to more than 7,500 people in Boston suburb. The survey question was very detailed to get specific answers. People gave a rate from 1-10 on how happy they feel with their lives. In other words the government will basically like to see what brings happiness in communities by viewing a variety of people’s perspective of what happiness is to them, not just a list of what makes them happy but more details in the questions being ask. It is better to get a view of what a person believes. Looking on the inside of different viewpoints in life can help understand how they can make their lives better but Officials who have more control can help this. A man named Dr. Gilbert decided to donate his precious time to survey people using a telephone survey strategy Dr.Gilbert stated that “social policies are always meant to promote things that promote happiness”, Gilbert idea of what people think or feel is based on what makes them happy. But on the other hand he also feels that people shouldn’t have to guess what is happy for others.  They kind of should already know the fact that these people deserve a good way of life. A survey that was sent out in Somerville had more detailed question that asked  about the police, schools, the availability of affordable housing, and “ beauty & physical setting”.  Some residents said they are pleased with the way the city is drawing attention to better the community. Officials are trying to compare the people way of life to their happiness as well.  One person stated that “of course, any survey like this is going to depend on the mood of the person at that moment”, this person can be true but the survey will show how many people is mostly happy based on other people opinions as well. A woman by the name of Tiara said that “If we see a low levels of satisfaction correlated to low levels of income, perhaps we want more programs aimed at low-income people”, she has a point because if the government see that this is a downfall and they want to make life better for people than it is best that the economy is stabled. Collecting the data will help come to a conclusion some people may agree or disagree with this idea of finding what is true happiness to people but making a better way of life is more important than anything and happiness is not hard to concur or give to people in American we should work together to make a better place and this is what this article focuses on.



The Article ” How Happy Are You? A census Wants to Know ” mainly focuses on a census given from the government to people in Somerville to know how happy people are, but understanding why or why not people are happy. 7,500 people were mailed a survey by officials. The questions were very detailed to get detailed answers as well. Officials decided to use Somerville as an experiment of how happy people are in the community. The government use this idea as a way to see how they can improve the communities and use more gentrification strategies to keep certain people happy.


     My summary was too long to begin with. I decided to change my summary into a paragraph instead of making it long. It makes more sense to keep a summary short and simple so that the person who reads the summary gets a general idea of what the article may be about. I knew my summary was really too long because a class mate in my group did not even want to read it. Now I know that when making a summary you have to find all the details that are more important and then put it into a summary.  I hope my revisions are better than my first summary.


What makes Kiera happy !

Draft 1

Living life is what makes me happy. I am happy to be here and being able to see the world around me. Happiness to me is living up to the expectations of human beings what ever a human being do to make them happy is what they should do. Some times the things that people do may be weird to another person but that person, might not care because it is what makes them happy.When i listen to music it helps me think and sing out my feelings. I love music because it relates to real life moments and that is what make me happy. I can be really upset about something but then when i put on a song i like i can forget about what i was upset about. Being able to write down my thoughts and how i feel through music also makes me very happy.Happiness also is how a person life may be set up i have a big family and i love them but some things are not perfect. These imperfect things makes me sad or upset. But i am happy to say i have a family that loves and care for me. I think that a lot of things in life is hard but love is one thing that can make many people happy. In America the American dream is the “pursuit of Happiness”. Money is the main thing in America and it makes many people sad and depressed when they can not get access to it. Which is a downfall. But when a person is rich they are very happy but there is still something that does not fulfill there hearts.


Happiness to me is living up to the expectations of human beings what ever a human being do to make them happy is what they should do. Living life is what makes me happy , like seeing the sun rise and watching the moon come up at night time. I am happy to be here as well as seeing the world around me, the smell of the air is so delicious i feel like i am eating the best cake in the world.Some times the things that people do may be weird to another person but that person, might not care because it is what makes them happy. A person might want to jump around and scream because of a special moment, but he/she is being excited and there is nothing wrong with that. Spending time with family is wonderful, it is almost like going to a amusement park with loud noise and music playing really loud. My experience with my family is sitting in the living room with everybody and talking about everything that is funny from the past, and listening to music talking about our favorite artist while the little kids play around us. Another thing that i call happy is laying down in my bed and feeling really comfortable. I get to put my feet up, wear less clothing, have my a.c on and watch my favorite shows on T.v. The shows that i watch have me laughing all day sometimes i cant even feel my stomach. Eating makes me happy, especially delicious cakes and cookies i feel like i am on a island with the best food on this planet, but its more than that the hot chocolate cookies melt on my tongue i can taste the warm creamy feeling. I love eating cakes it feels like i lay on my pillow and took the best nap of my life.I cant hear any loud sound when i eat a fresh baked cake all i can hear is the sound of my snoring as if i am sleeping.Music is great because i get a feeling of happiness depending on the mood i may be in at the moment. Music is like a stress ball when i upset or sad i listen to music and it makes me happy. Music is like somewhere i can escape a place that nobody knows where i am at and that’s the way i leave the world when i feel sad. Being my self, when i can dress the way i want to without being judged like wearing a dress on a rainy day or saying all the things i want to out loud, screaming out ” you are really handsome” is what i want to say without anyone saying anything sarcastic or mean. Being Takiera is what makes me smile every single day i love my self and i love people around me i want the world to be a better place i want to see more people happy and living a happy life with their families. I want to see people smile and play in the park with there children, go to restaurants without worrying how much they spend, i want to see people not on the streets of NY , i want to see less smoking and damage to our environment. Living beyond expectations is what makes me happy that has to do with, Not having to wake up when i don’t feel like it and eating whenever i want without saying ” omg i cant spend all of my money on dominoes” . That is happy to me.