What’s the meaning of happiness?

Sleep, games, food and clothes makes me happy however it’s a brief type of happiness. What I believe is true happiness is when I can wake up everyday to a partner that believes in me no matter what I do. People who believe in you are the ones that should be kept in our lives. Also happiness is motivations and influences that I see. It makes me a better individual and changes habits. Lastly, the most important happiness is Love from those you meet and those you call your family. I agree that it is difficult to obtain happiness, but it’s not impossible.

Getting to know Ivan.

Don’t worry I’m not the reincarnation of Ivan The Terrible. I’m an 18 year old college freshmen who lives in the Bronx. I graduated from a very breath taking high school called Kipp NYC College prep. I know none of you ever heard of it because I was apart of the founding class which started back in 2009. The reasons I say it’s breath taking is because the teachers and the students were amazing people to be with. Enough with that, well as you guys know I like to watch anime which I said multiple times in class. I also do theater in high school. I’ve done “The Twelfth night”,”Much ado about nothing” both by William Shakespeare,and Evening with Ives. (I forgot the play write for that play)


I found this very funny

I’m currently a human services major and I’m pretty excited to start my first semester because I believe college is a new chapter of my life that I will defiantly will enjoy. I’m currently reading “The Fall of Five.” the fourth book of the “I am number four” series which was released last week. I love reading so much that I set a goal to read ten books by the end of the summer and I need one more book to go! I can’t wait to be friends with everyone and share experience with one another!