Observations (Eunice, Kiyanna, Nahid)

Observations at the SEEK building (Midway)

Upon reaching the SEEK building (midway building), you notice that it’s a rather small place. When reaching the floor¬†where the SEEK office is located, the first thing you see is a collage. A very colorful collage that seems to be made by the SEEK students.¬†It’s promotes family, and that diversity is welcome to that site. There is a small window next to the collage. This window has bars on it, making it seem like you’re in some soft of jail, or a constricted place. Below the window are extremely comfortable chairs that students may sit in. Next to these is a table with flyers and pamphlets with information¬†for the students. There are also boards with more information on student academics. Reaching the office, everything is very small. The cubicles seem to be too small for¬†the¬†workers to¬†work comfortably. There¬†is a small area with chairs so students are able to sit¬†and wait, but the lighting in this area is terrible and it seems more like a place where one can sit and grieve about their dead cat. They also have a TV where¬†information is to play, but it wasn’t even on. The staff is very nice and helpful, assisting whenever you need help and going you additional information when needed.


[Observations on other places are currently missing and will be posted as soon as possible]

Survey Questions from Eunice, Kiyanna, Nahid

1. How many times have you seen school student services advertise themselves around the school?

Never     Sometimes     Often     Always

2. How many times have you felt the need of academic guidance  but have nowhere to turn?

Never     Sometimes     Often     Always

3. Do student services provide for the well-being of a student body?

Never     Sometimes     Often     Always

4. Have you ever thought financial eligibility for some programs is rather unfair?

Never    Sometimes    Often     Always

5. Do you think student programs are accessible?

Never     Sometimes    Often     Always



Student Services at City Tech (Eunice, Kiyanna, Nahid)

The chosen topic that will be discussed will be City Tech student assisting services. The forces driven behind shinning lights on this topic is the ideology that programs/ services need to be recognized by the student body at City Tech. After all they do promote the well being of the students attending the college. The evidence behind used to support the findings will be personal interviews with individuals who work in the field, the student handbook and last but not least the students who use the services. Hopefully, after finding the evidence to support ideas on the services/programs that city tech student assistance provides, many of the unknown will be answered such how are the services obtained by the student who is eligible for the service, what they provide, and how they help the student or groups of students.

As well as showing and describing how and why these student services contribute to the well being of City Tech students, there will be a focus on how these services promote themselves to the students. There are many of the services that go unknown to the student body at City Tech. How do these student services advertise themselves? Are they clear so each student knows where they are located and how they work? Many student services go on heard of, some of which are able to help a student’s academic year flow with ease. Students should have access to the information of all these services. They are for the assistance of the student after all.

LIC Piers, The Happiest Place

Picking the happiest place here in NY is actually rather hard. I’ve lived in New York all my life so picking a place here was hard. There was multiple places here in New York that I absolutely love. The place that brings me the most happiness is LIC Piers or Gantry Plaza State Park. Located in Long Island City, Queens, this park has a beautiful¬†view of the East River and Manhattan.


I have spend a lot of my time here at the piers. Since my high school was located really close, I would always have time to come by after school and relax. I loved being able to look at the water and just watch the skyline of the city. Walking to every dock is also an adventure itself. Every dock has different things that make it unique, seats, or large sinks that fishers used to be clean the fish they caught when it was allowed.


The memories I have here are endless. Having spent so much time with my friends was the best. I would sit there and think about all the times we’ve been there and remember all those laughs we all shared. Other than being a nice place to relax, the memories bring so much happiness to my heart.


The most recent memory of happiness was when my friends and I decided that we would have a photo session¬†at the piers¬†before prom.¬†That picture session ended up being a¬†funny one more than productive. Everyone in our¬†high school ended up going their for their pictures.¬†I don’t think I’ll ever¬†forget that, thinking about it now just brings a smile to my face.


I encourage anyone who is around LIC to stop by the piers and just take a nice walk, sit around and look at the view. Gantry Plaza State Park is an easy walk from the 7 train (Vernon Boulevard/Jackson Avenue) or the G train (21st Street/Jackson Avenue).

My Personal Experience at City Tech

I knew since, I applied, that City Tech was going to be a crappy school. I was only partially correct. Physically, the school looks nothing, and don’t feel like a college. I feel like I’m going to high school again, in an old Macy’s warehouse, however, here it’s all alone. The transition from high school to college or me was really frightening. I came from four years of the smallest high school ever, a cozy, window-less, one floor of learning. My high school had about 600 students in total, and that included grades 7-12. Everyone in the floor knew each other, from the smallest 7th grade, to the 12th grader. Coming from that to a place where there are 11 floors, thousands of people and multiple¬†buildings, it was frightening. After knowing all the same people for four years, I forgot how to make friends. I didn’t even know how to interact with people anymore. Yet, I managed to make a few.

During orientation, I was introduced to¬†the campus¬†app, Oohlala. There, I was able to meet a lot of people and then proceeding to meeting them in person. Most of the people I meet there were creepers, but others were pretty interesting. I also got to meet a lot of new people from the classes I’m in. Because our English and HUS classes have the same people, there isn’t new people that we can meet. But in my math and speech class, I’ve been able to meet new friends that I am in constant contact outside of school.¬†I’m also in contact with some of the people¬†who came from the same high school as me.¬†I love seeing them in the halls¬†because, for¬†that slight second, I feel like I’m in the one floor of high school again.

What brings me the most happiness here in City¬†Tech is the learning center. There, you can just sit in front of the computer, and just focus on your own stuff. It’s a nice place to study alone because everyone is into their own business. You don’t have to worry about looking like a loner because everyone is¬† focused on their own stuff. What brings me the least happiness at City Tech is the elevators. They take forever to get¬†here. I usually have to wait about 10-15 minutes¬†for the elevator in the morning. Since I am not athletic at all, and¬†most my classes are above the 7th floor, the stairs are not an option for me. All in all, I would rate City Tech a 6/10. For someone to make the best out of this college, they’d have to bring all their friends with them and spend their free time with them at this college.

An App For Happiness and An Obvious Research

The H(app)athon Project, an app, set to release March 2014, is being developed to increase a person’s happiness and well-being. The app will take the information from a person, via data and a survey, and connect them to activities, organizations and services. The people of Somerville, MA, serve as a pilot community for the app. City officials see this new app as something that can bring out new ideas. The app will also be able to provide real-time happiness data from around the world, making it¬†monitored by officials.

This app sounds like a really interesting idea that can be put forth for people. The app sounds like it can be able to provide for more for people, since there are many events that go unheard because the advertising for these go unheard. For people who know of this app, expectations for is should be really high, so this app should reach these expectations.

Researchers at the New England Complex Systems Institute are trying to pinpoint New York City’s happiness geographically by using Twitter. Based on the mood given off by the tweets of New Yorkers, researchers¬†will be able to show ¬†where the happiest of the sites are. The results were very obvious, parks and high tourist areas were¬†very happy, while transportation hubs, cemeteries and medical centers were very low in enthusiasm.

The findings to this “research” is very obvious. The analyzing of tweets is not even necessary. Anyone who lives here in New York would know that anywhere around the Holland Tunnel, JFK airport and Penn Station can be a hassle t be around,¬†it causes stress and leads to unhappiness. This is really obvious because not everything goes as planned. Traffic, trains¬†running with delays and¬†flights being cancelled cannot bring happiness to anyone, unless one is trying to avoid¬†getting home. ¬†Central Park will obviously be a happy place in the city because it’s very peaceful and an attraction for anyone in the city. There is always something to do or see every time you get there.

A Paradigm Shift

The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin, talks about how Rubin came to realizing the how she felt in life. Rubin was not depressed nor was she going through a midlife crisis, however, she felt very unsatisfied with her life. Rubin set out in search of finding happiness in her own life already. “And more important, I didn‚Äôt want to reject my life. I wanted to change my life without changing my life, by finding more happiness in my own kitchen” (12). Rubin created these goals or resolutions for herself, and divided them one for every month, this is the happiness project. A year long in trying to find happiness in her life without changing anything at all.

I really like the idea of Rubin’s project which is to find happiness in what one already has. This reminds me of Sean Covey’s book The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Teens, that I read my second year of high school. In the book, Covey talks of a paradigm shift, and in¬†a way, it is exactly what Rubin is doing. The end result in Rubin’s year long project is that her paradigms will have shifted to a more positive look. This will¬†give her a more positive view on her life, and she will be able to have a more satisfied feel with what is going on in her life.

Folgers For This Holiday

For the following assignment, I chose my favorite ad on TV.


Viewing this ad from a very innocent view, it is a Christmas commercial of a brother coming home from West Africa. His sister greets him, and claims that he is her best present. All promoting Folgers coffee.

This ad brings in the theme of family. We see an older brother and a younger sister. We are also introduced the parents of both. This ad also shows that this brother was not present in the household or a long time since he¬†shows that he cannot recognize his sister. The fact that he¬†is¬†coming home¬†to spend¬†the holidays is really heartwarming. It’s¬†something that everyone¬†looks forward to when they do not have their relatives nearby.¬†The whole family looks very happy¬†that the will be able to spend the holidays together.

With this, Folgers is trying to promote the happiness is what this coffee shares with other memories. If this coffee can share these moments with this family, anyone can make this happiness if they have this specific coffee every morning. This ad comes out after Thanksgiving, in time for the holidays. The thought of the holidays rolling around can make everyone happy. The time, and theme, of this ad is very well thought of. Share your happy moments with the sweet taste of Folgers coffee.

The Secret (To Life?)

Bob Proctor states; “The Secret gives you anything you want: happiness, health, and wealth.” The Secret is the key to life. Basically, we have to learn to apply the Secret in our daily lives. So, what exactly is the Secret? The Secret is basically the “law of attraction”. The law of attraction is what has always been around since the beginnings of time and is what is constantly shaping our lives, whether we know it or not. The law of attraction revolves around our thoughts and the way we perceive things. If an idea is so strong in our heads, then they can become real. “Thoughts become things,”¬†as Mike Dooley states it.¬†We have to be constantly thinking of the things we want and how we want them, and they Universe will find a way to deliver it to us. That is the law of attraction. That is the Secret.

However, how much of this can actually be applied to our lives? The Secret might actually be something very difficult¬†to be able to use. For example, page 105 talks about the author playing a game believing that the bills coming to he were actually checks. However,¬†when a¬†credit¬†card bill¬†of a thousand dollars comes to our door, how easy is it for us to believe it’s actually a thousand dollar check? When¬†it’s time to pay our bill, and the thousand dollars are taken from our¬†bank accounts, can we really still keep in our minds that that bill was just a check when we are now a thousand dollars short? I, personally, will find it hard in keeping that aspect of the Secret.

Setting your mind to the things you want is what really will actually get you far because  you will be changing and creating things that will help you get there easily. This aspect of the Secret I can believe because it is something we have been told repeatedly throughout our lives. We just have to work for it.