Happiest Place in NYC

When thinking about where is my favorite place in New York I thought about what most people would say such as Times Square or Central Park or any other place. Some may even say their own house or room because of the peacefulness that they have at home. But, honestly speaking the happiest place in New York for me would have to be MSG-Madison Square Garden. The home of the New York Knicks. I have been a fan since I was about four or five years old and my father use to take me to at least one or two games a season. I use to cherish those moments and always loved the New York Knicks. When ever I go I just love the atmosphere and the positive vibe from the home crowd. From the announcement of the starting lineups to booing the opposing team, to losing my voice every time that I go to the Garden. The roaring chants of defense and the desperation that the crowd always has for the New York Knicks to win the game. I simply love it. There is no other place in the world like Madison Square Garden also known as the worlds most famous arena. Madison Square Garden has grown on to me since I was a young boy and it just continues to grow on to me. The season just started two weeks ago and I have already gone twice. I just can not get enough. It may be a tough start for the Knicks right now but I know I will continue to go cheer and lose my voice throughout the season and I will be happier than ever. Just being inside the arena brings me joy.

Quantified Self

Wouldn’t living in the happiest place be so amazing? Or at least living somewhere that made just you or your surroundings more happy to actually live there. There’s an app that will test your happiness? Yup! In Somerville there will be an app being made for the people of Somerville to see just how happy they are and what brings them happiness. The app is displayed as a survey at first then after the survey it will link each individual to specific programs or services offered around the area to see if it could bring along more happiness. “But I know that the data will help us run the City as much as it will help residents find resources that they might not know about otherwise.” Basically the plan for this app is to try and see what the residents believe their happiness is and to see if the city has anything in store to provide for the residents. If possible the app will tell the resident about places to go to, it is a very useful app.
What would you say is the most happiest and unhappiest place in NYC? Happiest place probably Central Park, but however according to The Happiest and Saddest Places in New York City According to Twitter Time Square 42nd Street is actually the happiest place in the city. Looks like tweeters actually like spending more time in the the main part of the city. Although the more poor places in the city are tweeted bad about not every main street is tweeted good about also. Main check points such as East Harlem 125th street around where I live is considered one of the unhappiest places in NYC. If i do say so myself I do not like going around there, just is not a very welcoming environment. Of course we may ask what is the most unhappiest place in the city and according to the article that place is called Maspeth Creek, Brooklyn. A place that i have never heard of. It is truly amazing for the city to where people are happy and judge it by their tweets. Gets a good sense of why people are mad or where people don’t like the environment.

Happiness Project

In the Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin, Rubin speaks about what happiness means and specifically what it means to her. Rubin speaks about how she tried finding happiness and what it meant for herself. She let go of everything that she had just to find her happiness. Rubin is a mother with a husband and two children, she’s wealthy and is living well but according to her she was not really happy. She began to try and find her happiness step by step with reading books and taking time off of her job to try and really realize what happiness meant to her. Now of course Rubin never really says that she is what we know as unhappy she just wants to become more happy in her life because her family and her wealth already brings her happiness. Changing day by day with her daily basis tactics that she has worked to change.

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