What a Speech?

Bill De Blasio Summary

In the NYC mayoral candidate speech Bill De Blasio is introduced by his daughter (Brother on the side). Bill came out (with wife) and started his speech by thanking everyone that has been on his side from the start, the people of the city, leaders, organizations est. He then spoke of how he wants to change the city in positive ways, change the fact that hospitals are been replaced by condos, also, help better the city by putting a stop to racial profiling by the cops (the people who are suppose to make the city a safer place) and to help with the education of the new generation. last but not least he wants to put an end to the cities biggest problem, the enormous gap between the rich and poor.


Bill De Blasion speech started by him (Bill) been introduced by his daughter. She start it of by talking about how no matter how much doubting she gets from others she will still make her own road to vitory, then she speaks on how good of a public servant and activist her father is; which to me is what it’s all about. To be a leader you need to have certain qualities/skills; he has two of them.

At 1:44 Chiara (Daughter) speak of how every vote her father got was a voice saying enough is enough, to me this is a bold statement because it’s statements like these that helped Obama get his voter, meaning that having the perfect mission statement can mean the difference between winning and lossing. One thing to keep in mind is that saying something is not the same as doing something.

At 3:25 as bill steps up stage the news station host speak about how he did his speech in Brooklyn instead of Manhattan like the other members, to me this show how much he cares of his community and how much of a change they need. By doing this it shows his voters that he has not forgotten the reason he is running for mayor.

By listening to Bills speech i can say that he got my vote because as a member of the city all the changes that we need he just spoke of. He points out all the wrongs that the city is going through and if he becomes mayor and he puts all those wrong thinks as priorities he would fall as one who made a change, now a days people like him is hard to come by.

Joe Lhota Summary

In Joe Lhotas speech he started by thanking everyone, his wife, daughter, parents, voters and colleagues. He speak of how these people (Above) have helped him to get his win, by voting and by his colleagues staying late working to make it happen.


At first he thanks the people (while people where still clapping and yelling) then he goes and thanks his beloved once (wife, daughter, parents), colleagues, and voters. He then implies that by him been there is a step further to “a stronger future”. To me this was a rough start to his speech because he seems to be kind of nervous, unprepared as if he doesn’t know what else to say.

This speech could of been a lot better, i feel as if he though he wasn’t going to win and wrote the speech on his ways down to the conference. In the speech he didn’t speak about his goals as a mayor (if Wins), the problem of the city, mistakes of present mayor. I feel like he went on that stage to show that he won, to say thanks and then keep the day going.


In general Bill De Blasio hit it out the park with his speech because first of all he let his daughter open the conference which shows how is not just him by himself that is trying to input on how to make the city a better place, he got his daughter by his side his son, and wife which all showed their care for the candidate and his goals. Also, in Bills speech he didn’t just speak about himself he paid respect to the 9/11 tragedy, which to me also shows that he is passionate toward a better future for New York.


Joe Lhota Summary:

In 2013 Mayoral candidate speech Joe starts it off by thanking everyone that supported him and his campaign then he continue by speaks of New York how it’s a city of five boroughs but we stand as one. He also speaks of how him and his family have been part of NY; his family have work for the city since he was a little. He continues by say that “Bill De Blasio is peaking of “a tale of two cities”, Joe says that bill is trying to destroy all the process that the city has done, he calls it “class warfare, a attempt to divide the city“. He speaks of how he doesn’t want to lte the city back to bankruptcy he wants a better city for everyone to enjoy. He wants to fix all the neighborhoods so they can be save for all, one way to keep the street save is by “Supporting the NYPD”, also said that “he will support the NYPD and the Stop and Frisk law”. To help with the economy his plan is focus on fixing the tax for entrepreneur so they can have a better chance to open up new jobs.


In this full speech i notice that Joe went in depth on what his plan for the city is, and they all sound great but there are certain things in his plans that i feel wont help the city to proceed. One thing of his plan that to me wouldn’t really help would be the stop and frisk that he is supporting 100%. To me this wouldn’t help because people of the city are already against the stop and frisk law because this violates certain amendment laws which aren’t suppose to be touch by no one according to the founding fathers.

Apart from the stop and frisk I agree with the plans he is trying to admit. I agree with the cleaning of the streets for a safer place for everyone, with the arrangement (changes) with the entrepreneurs to help open more jobs something that the city is in need of, changing the fines and fees that jobs to help them have a better chance to stay open and hire new employees.


Now that I have looked at both full speeches I believe that Joe may have won the speech because in joes speech he speaks somehow in depth on his plans, changes est. that he is trying to implied.


How happy are you?


This article is regarding the town of Somerville, Massachusetts. In this town the government started a survey to see how happy people are. In the survay people has to rate their happiness on a scale from 1 unhappy to 10 happiest.The government have been changing the towns to see how the changes affect with peoples happiness. They are altering with the towns look, transits, and roads. The people were also asked about the things that help the community stay together “the police, the schools, the availability of affordable housing — as well as the “beauty or physical setting” of Somerville“. Also, another reason that the government is doing this is to see how they can make Somerville a more happily living environment for its people and to see how by altering with the town will affect the economy. Before, the town was known for its crimes and was nickedname Slummerville but then the town went through gentrification and the name was dropped overtime. Vanessa Lagerman, 28, a resident of the town even said “I think it’s a good thing, because policies can be changed to make people happier.”Other residents also said they felt flattered by the city’s attention.

I believe that these changes can lead to a good cause because when you bring a community closer and closer by the day everyone would get along and happiness would be floating through the air. When a community doesn’t have communication in my point of view would crumble down, so if the residents of Somerville lose connection with each other it can possibly end up been named Slummerville again.

[Revise For Thurs 9/12/13]

In the town of Somerville, Massachusetts is recently trying to implied a survey with the USA census that will ask the people about their happiness and how the community affects how happy they are. In the survey the government is trying to collect data on how the towns Physical look, transportation, roads est. affect the peoples feelings. They are also trying to use the results of the survey to see how they can change the policies to see if it affect peoples daily life in a positive way or negative. With the data collected they can use the results to  hopefully find ways to help people better their life in the community.


I chose the above word (Revision) instead of adding all the extra detail from my previous writing because when writing a summary you need to write what the Articles main purpose is. Also, when writing a summary you need to add certain important information that will help the reader better understand the article without actually reading it. If you add extra writing what can happen is that the reader can get lost in your trying to point out, so write the main idea, purpose, what the writer (of the article) is trying to get people to understand.

Whats Happiness?

Happiness – The state of being happy“. Happiness something that everyone wishes for. Every individual has their own happiness in theirs own ways. people can be happy having money, cars, luxuries est. Others are happy by living life, having a home, a job and even by just having a family. To me happiness is been at peace in your mind, to me that peace of mind is been with my family doing things we enjoy for example having a BBQ. Also to me been happy is putting a smile on someone that is in need of one to make their day better and give that extra push on a bad day. Others may say that a smile doesn’t mean that a person is happy or has happiness in their life, but to me a smile means that at least I or who ever made you smile brought happiness to you. It might have been a second of happiness but always appreciate everything you receive specially if its free.Happiness-Hands1



Been happy may mean to you spending time with your family. Also, all the crazy things that you guys talk, all the trips you have taken, every second that you spend with them may mean happiness to you. In other hand to someone else happiness may mean waking up every morning going to school because you knowing that education will provide you with a better lifestyle. In addition you may like school because that’s the time that you get to connect with others, work in groups, est. To me happiness is spending quality time with my family, doing BBQs, turning the music up and party like the world is going to end, spending some quality time with the people that understand me, people that i have spend my whole life growing with and just talk. To me listening to my family is like a hearing a book because they’re telling you all these stories and you have to picture it in your own head as if you’re part of the story.

Who is Erik?

Hey my name is Erik Estevez, I am 19 years old. Like a lot of other classmates I’m new to the college setting. From what i have experienced and seen in the past 2 days i can say that it is much like I expected. My major is EMT, I really wanted Computer Engineering but apparently I didn’t Qualify. I’m the type of person that would enjoy anything as long that I’m doing it with people that like and can have fun. I like doing many things Playing sports (Don’t really have a preferable one), hanging out, movies etc, you name it and I’ll go for a try.This summer i didn’t really do much, i spend it with my family going out to places such as Six flags, Play land,P.A.

My favorite subject is not English is Math, but i do find the good in writing. Reasons that i like writing are because in writing there are so many ways that a person or persons can express themselves, also because you can express yourself the exact same way as someone else is feeling but without using the same words as the other.IMG_0234