Wrapping up the Semester

Can you believe it?? This coming week is the final week of class! Below is everything you need to know about what needs to happen between now and the last day of the semester.

Last Minute Office Hours
In addition to my regular office hours on Tuesday (12-2pm), I will be on campus tomorrow, M 12/16, in the afternoon, and have some availability to meet to discuss your final project write-up/presentations, final exam, &/or the final course reflection. Please e-mail me if you would like to schedule a conference with me for Monday or Tuesday.

Final Exam
As you know, your final exam will consist of reading a short article, writing a summary of that article, and then crafting an essay in response.Ā Part I of the final exam (reading the article/writing a summary paragraph) will take place in class on Tuesday, 12/17. Part II of the final exam (writing a response essay to the article) will take place in class on Thursday, 12/19.

I encourage you, if you have not done so already, to review theĀ ā€œStrategies for Summarizingā€ postĀ I made earlier this semester on on course site. Remember, for the response essay, while you should use your own experience (and the first person), you have to place that personal experienceĀ in dialogue with the text/articleĀ you are given (you must show connections between the articleā€™s points–use details/quotes from the article–and your experiences/evidence).

All of the skills you practiced this semester (creating an Introduction, developing a thesis statement, paragraph development, creating strong topic sentences, critical reading, analysis, incorporating/citing sources, providing claims/evidence) apply here, so as long as you review those strategies, you should be all set for the exam.

*You may bring a dictionary (an actual, printed dictionary) to class to use both days of the exam (but you will not be allowed to use your phone, tablet, or computer in class to look up words).

The final exam is worth 10% of your overall course grade, and you must pass it to pass the course.

Please remember to arrive to class on time both days this week week, as we will begin the exams promptly at the start of class and will end exactly at the end of class.Ā If you arrive late, you will not be given extra time to complete the exam.


Final Project Write-Up
The collaboratively written final draft of the Final Project as well as individual final project reflections are due by the start of class on Tuesday, 1218.Ā Please visit theĀ Final Project Write-Up pageĀ and IndividualĀ Final Project Reflection pageĀ on our site for more details on these assignments. As you make your revisions, I strongly encourage you to make use of the Notes for RevisionĀ and the Peer Review AssignmentĀ that I distributed/discussed in class.

Final Project Presentations

All groups will present in Professor Pawlukewicz’s class on W 12/18 (I will be there as well to watch/provide feedback on your presentations). Please visit theĀ Presentations pageĀ on our course site for more details on this assignment.

Final Course Reflections

Your mandatory Individual Final Course Reflection is also dueĀ no later thanĀ the start of our last class (10am) on Thursday, 12/19.Ā Make sure toĀ bring a printed copy to me in class and to e-mail me an electronic version (Word document) before the deadline (we are not using a shared Dropbox folder for these, to retain individual privacy in your reflections). If you do not submit both a printed and electronic copy by the deadline, you will receive no credit for the work.Ā Late assignments will not be accepted.

Please visit theĀ Final Course Reflection pageĀ on our site for more details about what you should included in this final reflection.

Final Course Grades
The deadline for professors to submit final course grades for the Fall 2013 semester is 12/26. Please wait to view your final course grade online through CUNYfirst (I will not be giving out final course grades via e-mail). Once you see your final grade posted online, you should feel free to e-mail me for a breakdown of your grades (including what grades you received on these final assignments).

Final grades are non-negotiable, though I am always more than happy to discuss them/your work with you at any point. If you would like to discuss any of your grades/receive additional feedback on the final assignments/exams, you should e-mail me to schedule an appointment to discuss your work when we return to campus at the end of January (2014).

Thank you, & stay in touch!

Finally, it was a pleasure to work with you all this semester. I wish you the best of luck wrapping up the semester and on your final exams, and in your future endeavors at City Tech and beyond. You all worked incredibly hard this semester, and I really appreciate your consistent effort and good cheer day in and day out! I hope you enjoyed yourselves and learned a lot about reading, writing, and critical thinking. Have a wonderful winter break, & donā€™t hesitate to be in touch in future semesters to discuss your work in this course/beyond, and/or to just say hi šŸ™‚

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