Gildaira,Ivan & Eloina bibliography

Gildaira Saladin:
This source talks about the meaning of each color. Through the meaning of each, it can be determined what changes can be made to bring a college atmosphere to a school (City Tech). Colors are meant to create different moods. We need colors that bring motivation and positive energy to oneself.
This article talks about the impact that the colors of a classroom can have on its students. It’s based on what are the colors that influence learning, from the teachers’ and students’ perspectives.
Although my group and I are focusing mostly on the hallways, this is still important because classrooms are the most important rooms and places in a school/college. It’s important that we feel happy, motivated, and energetic when being inside them. Therefore, this article’s information can be applied to our topic.

Ivan Martinez:

Baeten, M., Dochy, F., & Struyven, K. (2013). The effects of different learning environments on students’ motivation for learning and their achievement. British Journal Of Educational Psychology83(3), 484-501. doi:10.1111/j.2044-8279.2012.02076.x

This source shows how the architecture structure can affect the way of learning in students and how the environment can lead them to better their work ethic and concentrations. The architecture structure also has an influence on the motivation of students. Many students in a very safe and comfortable environment will have the opportunity to do better and study effectively as opposed to a student with a not so comfortable environment.

This power point shows how statistically students do in a very stable and comfortable environment. Thus, divides the experiment and the investigation into different possible subtopics that results into the way the experiment concluded the results. As this investigation goes on there are many types of scales and graphs that has provided why architectural structure is very important to the environment of a student.

Eloina Ballinas

International Journal of Academic Research. Mar2011, Vol. 3 Issue 2, p474-477. 4p. 1 Graph.

This source can be useful because it focuses on the structure of the colleges and what should really be concerning when making a renovation of learning space in the college. It can maybe give people of higher level in City tech to be more involved in what the students would like to be surrounded by as in (color, learning spaces, etc.) Mainly the learning spaces or study places in City tech since there only seems to be a few and most don’t seem to be as quiet as they should be since those spaces are spaces that most wait til’ their next class or just hang out with a few friends. The architectural structure of a school can have a lot to do with a student’s encouragement to do well in school or even attend or pay attention in class.


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