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Tax Credits Help LBHC Build Wellness Center

This article explains the importance of wellness centers and how they can contribute to helping students get jobs in the future. Little Big Horn college finished establishing its new health and wellness center that is about thirty five thousand square feet long. This wellness center was built to favor the students’ health needs as well as help them get good paying jobs as they go on to graduate, but more so into health related fields. Dr. David Yarlott, who is the president of the college states, “A healthier student tends to be a better student academically, and this facility also will help alleviate or curtail the number of community members becoming afflicted with health-related diseases.” The wellness center includes a gymnasium, a cardio room, public lockers, restrooms, strength training rooms and etc. So far as a result of the health and wellness center ninety eight construction jobs were created. Not only can people exercise in the wellness center, but they can also hold graduations there, pow wows, and other social events.

Wellness Centers should be established in every college because they can be very useful to students who want to improve their health or gain some knowledge on things that they don’t understand about their bodies and current health. This source points out the differences in wellness centers between LBHC and City Tech. At City Tech the wellness center is very small and does not have all of the different things that LBHC has. Some people aren’t even aware of where the wellness center is. It is very important that students know where their wellness center is so that they can go and ask questions if need be. It would also be very nice if City Tech’s wellness center had different things such as cardio rooms, yoga classes, and etc.

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Association Between Availability and Quality of Health Services in Schools and Reproductive Health Outcomes Among Students: A Multilevel Observational Study.

This article is about how the availability of health services in schools contributes to pregnancies among students. Researchers used, “a 2-stage random sampling cluster design to collect nationally representative data from 9107 students from 96 New Zealand high schools.” Students were then asked questions about whether they were sexually active or not, how often did they use contraception and etc. The administrators of the schools also answered some questions about how many hours per week doctors and nurses worked. The results of the research shows that the amount of pregnancies decreased the more hours that the nurses and doctors put in. “There was an inverse association between hours of nursing and doctor time and pregnancy involvement among sexually active students, with fewer pregnancies among students in schools with more than 10 hours of nursing and doctor time per 100 students.” Because the availability of the nurses and doctors was good, there were less students getting pregnant. Students should be able to come to wellness centers and get information on this topic because the information will teach them about safe sex practices. At City Tech the wellness center does provide a lot of information about safe sex and contraception, but people still aren’t aware of its services or where it is located.


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Townshend, Timothy Guy, and Amelia A. Lake. “Relationships Between ‘Wellness Centre’ Use, The Surrounding Built Environment And Obesogenic Behaviours, Sunderland, UK.” Journal Of Urban Design 16.3 (2011): 351-367. Academic Search Complete. Web. 2 Dec. 2013.

As they try to examine the areas of the wellness center, they notice many things about obesity. Seeing how the environment has an impact on these sort of things, they wish to get a better feel and understanding of it. Saying that the environment may provide a sedentary life style. In other words, people tend to not do anything because of the environment and are just lazy with nothing to physically do. The group believes this idea and shows in places they go. This is great thing to use when it comes to understanding our problem, as a college and see if the environment makes the people lazy. This’ll help us in many aspects because on how they tackle on the idea of the environment being what it is and how it impacts us everyday.

Thompson, Cheryl W., et al. “Using The Omaha System As A Framework To Demonstrate The Value Of Nurse Managed Wellness Center Services For Vulnerable Populations.” Journal Of Community Health Nursing 29.1 (2012): 1-11. Academic Search Complete. Web. 2 Dec. 2013.

This is a great article, talks about others field work in the place and how it has grown in time. The System is a perfect thing to look at when we need a reference to what is needed if we need to rebuild the wellness center. Gives us a better insight to nursing, care, and the community.

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Scalora, Mario, Andre Simons, and Shawn Vanslyke. “Campus Safety: Assessing And Managing Threats. (English).” FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin 79.2 (2010): 1-10. Academic Search Complete. Web. 2 Dec. 2013.

Ever since the shooting at Virginia Tech there have been other threats at different colleges and universities. The campus safety officials have much to deal with especially since there have been many threats going around whether it’s from the people at the college or outsiders. It’s very hard for them because of certain laws made by the campus law agencies, which, at the same time protect the people on campus as well as making sure the people still have their freedoms. Another issue is that, if things get out of hand with shootings, threats, fights then it brings the value of the environment of the campus and it becomes harder for students to thrive in their education and career. Overall the campus and law enforcement want to keep everybody on campus safe at the same time addressing this information so that the college can become a safer environment to be in.

A Collaborative Approach to College and University Student Health and Wellness


Fullerton, Darren S. “A Collaborative Approach To College And University Student Health And Wellness.” New Directions For Higher Education 153 (2011): 61-69. Academic Search Complete. Web. 2 Dec. 2013.

Many colleges and universities are facing financial downfall in which they do not have enough money to attend to certain facilities such as the wellness center. People are expecting the colleges to have these facilities and because of that colleges take a large portion of their money to make the wellness and fitness services available to the students. The universities think that students would think of the wellness center as a good place to go to but instead they find out that students are avoiding the wellness center unless someone is injured or ill. Colleges want the students to cooperate with the wellness and fitness services. As much as the universities want their students to participate in these programs their budget doesn’t allow them to remain available. Due to the fact that there are so many programs and facilities each one must fight to remain open which leads many other facilities to shut down. With the help of the students and the parents the administrators will fight to make sure these facilities can be provided to the students.



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