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Factors influencing the number of computer in libraries

By: Debbie Malone, Bethany Lavrault, and Michael J. Miller

Sophonie Audain

This article is about college students that use the computers in their college library. In the past “college libraries have undergone significant changes in their use of information in technology” (Malone. D, Bethany. L & Michael J. M). They discovered that 144 or 64 percent of our 225 respondents provide wireless access in their building and only 5 percent respond to the institution require their student to purchase laptops. Wireless access increased the amount of activity. “With more computers and systems in the library, technical support for them becomes a larger issue. Not all libraries can afford to hire a support person. Dependence on institutional information technology staff can be fine solution in some cases but not in all” (Malone. D, Bethany. L & Michael J. M). It true if they have more computers in the library it would affect the budget. The library is an important place for student to study and to do research

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A comparison of student perceptions of their computer skills to their actual abilities

By: Donna M. Grant, Alisha D. Malloy and Marianne C. Murphy

Sophonie Audain

This article is about how computer skills have a great impact on students. These computer skills usually consist of basic to a greater knowledge in word process. The study was made in North Carolina where the students have to pass a computer skills assessment test. The assessment is for student to evaluate their knowledge of three computer application skills word processing, presentation and spreadsheet. “The finding of this study indicate some difference in student perception of their word processing skills and actual performance for their presentation skills, and a significant difference in perception and performance for their spreadsheet skills” (Grant M.D, Malloy D.A & Murphy C.M). Students need computer skills to advance your knowledge. In this world we are surround by technology, so is very important to have computer skill for school, job and etc. It a good idea that they have a computer skill test for student because student must know word processing, presentation and spreadsheet.

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An Assessment of Student Satisfaction with a Circulating Laptop Service

By: Louise Feldmann, Lindsey Wess and Tom Moothart

From: Katherine Culajay

Louise Feldmann, Lindsey Wess and Tom Moothart wrote an article where they talk about a new program that Colorado State university has which is about providing laptops to students when they are on campus. Also they made a survey on which they ask questions to students about the laptops configuration and their own opinion about it. Some of the questions that’s these authors made to students are how often do you use a library computer? According to this a 49% answered that they use a computer weekly. Another question was how long did you wait before you were able to check out your laptop? A 74% answered that they do not wait. As we can see, what City tech needs is a program where they put laptops available for students so that they don’t have to wait a long line on the library just to get one. Also this can be a good idea to put on city tech because as we know the learning center doesn’t have a lot of computers and sometimes they have to wait on a line in order to get a computer with internet.


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Big LAN on campus

By: Lynnete Luna

Katherine Culajay

Lynnete Luna wrote an article named “Big LAN on campus” which was about a study where shows that high-speed wireless is an important fat for students when they are applying for a college. In the article it says “it used to be that high scholars looked at qualities such academics and cost when determining which college they were going to attend in the fall. Today, student access to ubiquitous high-speed internet and wireless technology are becoming factors.” As we can notice Wi-Fi us becoming one of the most important factors to students, until the point of considering not attending to that college if there is not Wi-Fi available. We think that it is important for city tech to make a stronger internet on the campus not because of the students but also because they might lose students because they want a college where they can have internet available at every moment.

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Cristian Corte

In the first article in The Benefits of Redesigning On-Campus Computer Labs it is basically being said that students really do like their computer labs and feel that they benefit from it. They checked out and based the article mostly on a campus called Temple University. It explains just what students actually want in their computer labs and of course most said that they would want good easy to work computers. But, other than computers students also want a welcoming computer lab and a very comfortable place to do homework and hang around in. Students pay for computer labs in their tuition and it is very expensive for colleges to build and construct a computer lab so they would try to make it worth it for the students.

On the next article is briefly explains the tuition policy in Cuny colleges. It shows different types of fees that our tuition goes for. On average for Cuny colleges full time students pay $100 for technology fees and the part time students pay on average a $50 fee.

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Sheri Stahler

posted September 23, 2011  |  Appears in the November/December issue of EdTech Magazine.




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