Observations (Eunice, Kiyanna, Nahid)

Observations at the SEEK building (Midway)

Upon reaching the SEEK building (midway building), you notice that it’s a rather small place. When reaching the floorĀ where the SEEK office is located, the first thing you see is a collage. A very colorful collage that seems to be made by the SEEK students.Ā It’s promotes family, and that diversity is welcome to that site. There is a small window next to the collage. This window has bars on it, making it seem like you’re in some soft of jail, or a constricted place. Below the window are extremely comfortable chairs that students may sit in. Next to these is a table with flyers and pamphlets with informationĀ for the students. There are also boards with more information on student academics. Reaching the office, everything is very small. The cubicles seem to be too small forĀ theĀ workers toĀ work comfortably. ThereĀ is a small area with chairs so students are able to sitĀ and wait, but the lighting in this area is terrible and it seems more like a place where one can sit and grieve about their dead cat. They also have a TV whereĀ information is to play, but it wasn’t even on. The staff is very nice and helpful, assisting whenever you need help and going you additional information when needed.


[Observations on other places are currently missing and will be posted as soon as possible]

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