observations Eunice Kiyanna Nahid (in that order)


Observations at the SEEK building (Midway)

Upon reaching the SEEK building (midway building), you notice that it’s a rather small place. When reaching the floor where the SEEK office is located, the first thing you see is a collage. A very colorful collage that seems to be made by the SEEK students. It’s promotes family, and that diversity is welcome to that site. There is a small window next to the collage. This window has bars on it, making it seem like you’re in some soft of jail, or a constricted place. Below the window are extremely comfortable chairs that students may sit in. Next to these is a table with flyers and pamphlets with information for the students. There are also boards with more information on student academics. Reaching the office, everything is very small. The cubicles seem to be too small for the workers to work comfortably. There is a small area with chairs so students are able to sit and wait, but the lighting in this area is terrible and it seems more like a place where one can sit and grieve about their dead cat. They also have a TV where information is to play, but it wasn’t even on. The staff is very nice and helpful, assisting whenever you need help and going you additional information when needed.




Student disability


The student disability office located in the namm building is constructed with 6 rooms designed and built to assist and counsel students with disabilities whether it be physical or emotional.  Once you have a one on one meeting with the counselors provided at this establishment then only will you receive pamphlets books and reports about what the program does what it supplies and who fall under the requirements of  receiving the help that is given. It doesn’t really seem like a happy environment no one really smiles except for one woman I cant recall her name, but   once you go in there and have to wait before you actually tell somebody what you want so the waiting is a problem overall the assistance in the hope that they do give with the computer lab that they do  have there and tutors is actually great.




Cope Observation

The hall way and the cope room is a quiet area. The only sound that be heard is the sound of the air conditioner. There a big table in the center of the hallway with 4 chairs. It seems to be a really empty place. There is a room around the area where people go to pray. The office looks very comfy. They have a couch and pictures on the wall. The staff is busy at the time, not able to talk to the staff at moment. There’s a lot of information’s on flyers about insurance. The smell of the area has a nice coconut smell and the surrounding is peaceful. They also have telephones that can be used. There are two cubical in the cope room where the staff does their work. The cope room is accessible from the probe and Namm building.


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