“Observations” from Katherine, Sophonie, Cristian

My observations at the learning center by Katherine Culajay

In order for students to success academically it is necessary to have a complete support from their college. Last week, I went to the learning center with the objective to observe how the technology on it helps students to get their work done. When I entered the room I noticed that there were like three or four students waiting on a line to get a computer with internet. Then, I noticed that even though the room doesn’t seem divided, actually it is because the last sections from the computer’s lines are the ones with internet and the first ones are the ones without internet. Also, the room is small and it does not give too much space to students to be comfortable. Sometimes when the learning center is full with students it is a problem for printing because since everyone is printing, not every paper comes out really fast and students have to wait for a while in order to receive their documents from the printer machine. Finally, I noticed that a large amount of students prints papers that are 6 or more pages long, this means that City tech may need to think about giving more paper to students so that they don’t have to be worrying about the amount of sheets that they have been printed.

Wi-Fi is another of the tools that help students to success academically, however even though city tech said that they provide free Wi-Fi most of the time is really hard to have Wi-Fi in our phone, iPod or computer. In order to make the observation about Wi-Fi I tried to get on the internet on my phone. First I downloaded the application from the app store but when I was about sign in with my email account they didn’t let me because of a “technological problem”. The next day I tried again and it worked out, however the internet was very slow and sometimes it closed the pages for me without any reason. As we can see, technology is an issue that needs to be resolved in city tech so that students can have the chance to do their work while they are on campus or waiting for the next class.

My observation at the Library by Sophonie Audain

In the library at City Tech located in the 4th floor in the Namm building I observe that they don’t have too many computers. The limit time each student should get is 45 minutes in the computer. They have a second floor in the City Tech library, they don’t really have that much computers. Most of the computers that City Tech has are Dells. Dells computers isn’t really the best name brand computers, sometime they are really slow. City Tech is a college of technology I thought they would have Apple computers. City Tech library have more books then computers. City Tech library also have copy printer and scalars, in the copy printer you have to buy a card for a dollar to use the printer plus you have to put 10 cent in the card every time you want to make a copy of something. The scalars are free; a student could scale every time they want.

I think they should give student at City Tech more time in the computers. They have only two printer machines in the library. Each student only could print 25 pages per day, if a student wants more they have to pay extra money. The internet service is ok, I like how they have a City Tech library website to look for books and search for articles. They also provide the student with references from the articles and books they was looking for. City Tech library don’t have a plug wire for phone or laptops. It would be hard for students to charge their phones or their laptop. I think the library is the most important element for students because that the place a student could find the sources they need for exams and essays. I think City Tech library should have a plug wire. Students would need a wire to plug their phone or laptop in case of an emergency.

My observation in the computer lab at the Seek building by Cristian Cortes

When looking at City Techs accessibility with technology being it is a technology school we really have a lot to look at. There are far too many computer labs or classroom with computers provided in them. There’s Wi-Fi provided in the school that may be troubling to get a hold of. Even though there are many computer labs not many are known of. Not every student actually knows about all of the computer labs or different services that City Tech provides. Not even myself I don’t know all of the services just yet.

I went ahead to check out the Seek computer lab on the fourth floor. It looks pretty small compared to the computer lab in the atrium in the main building. Although it did provide a good amount of computers or students it could be a little bigger. It is of course for Seek students and there are not many seek students which would make sense into why there would be few computers. It is very peaceful and seems useful to use and get work done in a productive manner. I would really recommend anybody to go ahead and check out the Seek computer lab. I will be checking it out and doing my homework there a lot more often.

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