Annotated Bibliography (Eloina, Ivan, Gildaira)

This source explains many different topics on what impacts a student’s focus on their academics. It begins with the classroom environment and continues with other aspects of the school to focus on such as the physical environment. The physical environment such as overcrowded areas (classes, studying facilities) increase stress level.This source has many other aspects of what affects a student’s learning such as the classroom climate, the psychological environment, the teachers, and so on.

This source explains how physical performance has a lot to do with a student’s academic performance. A clean and positive environment can have a lot to do with a student’s focus in school. The physical performance can also increase the staff and teachers output and retention as said in this source.

This source introduces the way schools (mainly high schools) should be surrounded by a climate that promotes a very effective way to study, and increase student’s grades. Although it targets the happiness of high school students many strategies can be used for college students as well. There is a graph that records of the student’s success throughout high school. Many teachers love to teach there. Due to the way the climate and how the school have been transformed to a more suitable place to learn effectively.
This source is very important it indicates how positive psychology can affect a whole school environment. “Positive schools have been defined as ones in which students experience predominantly high levels of subjective well-being in the form of positive emotions and positive attitudes towards school (Huebner et al., 2009). It is suggested here that the combination of positive psychology and coaching psychology can be utilized to enhance wellbeing and optimal functioning and hence support the creation of positive schools. Which means that there has to be something that contribute to this positive psychology. The environment, and how the school looks has a huge impact on the student performance in their academic classes.

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