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This source is useful for people who make donations to City Tech. They can go to this document and they will be able to see what is expected of the donor. Although this document can be the most useful for people who intend on making donations to City Tech, others can benefit from it as well. It is important to stay informed on what is occurring in our school and one thing that people may tend to overlook is the donations that we are given. As well as the person who is making the donation, surely they would like to know where their money is going to. This document is also useful because not many people who make donations may know that they are supposed to be acknowledged for their kindness.
A. Donor. Bill. Of. Rights
This document can be useful to everyone who is attending City Tech, is planning on attending City Tech in the future or just wants to view our school. It has the school name, location, phone and more. As well as having the percent of the different races of people who attend City Tech and the part time/full time students. This document also has the schools academic information. This document can be useful for many reasons and many people. It is basically like the main things that people should know about City Tech and it’s academics.


– Diana V.

The source above is about a little bit history of City Tech’s cafeteria. The article tells the readers that one of the socializing areas in City Tech—Cafeteria was closed by the NYC Department of Health in 2011.This is a useful information for people to know about the issue of the cafeteria in the past few years regarding to the sanitation.  However, even though this was a news about City Tech in the past, it can still affect people’s impression about City Tech. For example, if a future student gets to know about this, that might affect the student’s decision of choosing to attend City tech.

The source above is another information about City Tech. This is a video that was uploaded by City Tech in 2012. The president of City Tech is the narrator of this video. This is a video that talks about the academic aspects of City Tech. It informs the audience about the programs that are offered in City Tech. This might be attractive to the audience because it is like a commercial for the college. However, it can be considered as a bias source because it is posted by City Tech, so the things that are being discussed in the video would be only the positive things. Therefore, this source is useful of letting people to know about something about City Tech, but at the meanwhile, they might also think that it is too good to be true in their mind.

 –Fenfang Huang

 The source above is from City Tech’s own college website. This is about the club activity at city tech. As what it says on the webpage “City Tech clubs are an integral part of college life because they allow students with common interests to come together and work toward a common goal. They are also a great way to meet your peers, get to know the college, expand your college education beyond the classroom, and participate in student-sponsored social events on campus.” Therefore, those clubs are the socializing areas that play an important role on promoting happiness in City Tech as the what the webpage shown.

 The source above is taken from the internet. It is about the Student Government Association in City Tech. The source informs people that “The main function of Student Government is to uphold our rights as students. The SGA also coordinates many activities for the student body, such as community panel discussions, voter registration drives, cultural programs, club fairs, dances, and many other activities.” This source can be useful in the way that it tells what the SGA’s responsibility in the college community at City Tech. Therefore, it is a piece of information that is important for those people who are looking for a place to get latest information about the activities City Tech.

 -Wesley Ackley

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