Annotated Bibliography (Takiera, Reiana & Alex)

     The research question for this project is, “Does the learning centers in City Tech provide help for the students?” The learning areas of City Tech interest students because it is a way to enhance learning abilities. Also, it is a way for students to gain feedback from their work. The learning areas such as the library and the learning center are good sources to enhance the learning abilities of students. A way to narrow down the topic is to pick one specific learning area of the school. To make this short research project more manageable, students can start off listing the step by step process, instead of doing things all at once. The important part of this project is learning how the learning areas are helpful of not helpful for the students at City Tech. This topic should interest current students, future students, faculty and staff. Current students should feels good that there is a place to go where they can study, do homework and get help on their work. Future students should wonder if there are effective work spaces for them when considering City Tech as one of their choice of colleges. Lastly, there should be enough faculty and staff to help students with computers and/or finding books in the library and help students get feedback on their work at the learning center.

Some questions that support this research would be, Do the students look like they are comfortable in the environment?, How often are students using the learning areas?, Are the learning areas noisy or peaceful?, Do the students feel like they are getting enough help in the learning center?, Does the learning areas ever get crowded to the point where the student can’t get effective help or cannot find somewhere to study? These questions would be important to ask students from around the school in a survey because it affects their learning community. This proposal is definitely argumentative and not just a statement of fact. There are many points as to what kind of effective learning areas City Tech has that can be argued.

    Doing the research I found that on the City Tech website there is categories split up in sections. Each section has an overview of the course and the learning skills that people will acquire. It also has a director who students can call to ask questions about the course. The reason why choosing this information is important because it is part of the learning process and how students get information that they need. According to the website when I clicked on the human services course it shows “Our department’s overall goals are professionalism and service: we strive to model and train students to be well-polished leaders who serve populations in need, and improve the well-being of our communities.”  ( This explains a quick overview of the course a student will study.

     Another important part of the research is the link that I clicked on is the College Learning Center. This here gives information for students that are there already or are upcoming freshmen’s. A list is given for the department for the learning centers which are “Tutoring/practice, online tutoring, workshops, computer literacy program, avoiding plagiarism, schedule, computer labs, and job opportunities.” (  This is given great information to students at city tech or are coming to the college because it has a listing of what opportunities of learning are available.


On the City Tech website there is a link to the college learning centers. The online college learning center has tutoring and online tutoring. Also it has workshops, programs, tips and schedules for the learning center and computer labs. This piece of information is very useful towards the research project of how students can gain help from the learning centers of City Tech. It’s a good resource for students who want to know when they can go to the learning center. Also, it is good for students who want to improve their work and need some tutoring. It is very relevant to this research project but, not bias and does not show a lot of credibility.

The academic learning centers webpage of Union County College is very informative. It has all the information about the learning centers, what their capabilities are and what their services do. The learning center provides academic support to students of Union County College outside of their class time, at their convenience. Their best learning asset is the tutoring services. It a students academic achievement, their perception of goals and provides resources for the students work. This is a great relevant source for this research project because it really goes deeper into what the tutoring services do. Also, compared to City Tech’s Learning Center webpage it is much more detailed on tutoring services and does give the schedules and times as to which the center is open.


In the website posted, College of Staten Island (CSI)  offers many types of tutoring, and assistances. This benefits many students because this program offers a variety of tutoring in different subjects. To further improve a student’s academic studies, tutoring and assistance is a great choice because having a mentor evaluating your work will enhance the student’s knowledge on academics. CSI also provides nursing, SEEK, and language assistance to those who are not just stuck in regular academics. The tutoring offices are available at reasonable times, 4 days a week so students can come in and get assistance at times convenient for them. This source is relevant to our research project because it promotes learning and tutoring, which is essential for students in their studies.
In the source posted, New York University (NYU) provides FREE tutoring, to assist students in their skills and strategies for learning. This is a great service they’re offering, not only because they provide individual tutoring, but it’s also free. If it’s not convenient enough, they also offer group reviews to further your academic research and learning. Providing free tutoring is a major benefit for students who can’t afford tuition, while providing them the knowledge they need in order to be more confident in their work and learning. This relates to our research topic, because having free academic support is something that’s needed to enhance a students learning.

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