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How to log onto the wireless network? By: Sophonie Audain

This article is about the steps it take to get the WI-FI at City Tech College with the student own personal computer.  To get to the WI-FI a person must enter the passphrase New York City College of Technology the security passphrase it case sensitive and must be entered exactly. Student must enter their City Tech email username and password. Faculty must enter their Novell username and password. They must download the NYCCT network to get access to the WI-FI. This is a very long step to get WI-FI at City Tech. It shouldn’t take this long to get WI-FI. When a student bring their own computer to City Tech it should be easy for them to get WI-FI.WI-FI is very important in college because it an easy way to get access to the internet at school if the person bring their computer. Computers at City Tech aren’t always available for student, so that why we need WI-FI. The process to get WI-FI at City Tech is horrible it take to long to get.

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The City University of New York Policy on Acceptable Use of Computer Resources

This article is about CUNY Computer Resources that are devoted to the support of the University mission of education, research and public services. The CUNY Computer Resources includes electronic transactions and communication the same use like the other University that provided with resources and activity is the subject to the “requirement of legal and ethical behavior” (Karino). This policy is to support the free exchange of ideas among members of CUNY Community and the other communities while recognizing the responsibilities and limit associate with such exchange.  According to Karino “CUNY recognizes that there is a concern among the University Community that because information created, used, transmitted or stored in electronic communications and transactions will be particularly vulnerable to infringement of academic freedom.” They should take this into consideration because CUNY Computer Resources needs fixing.  The idea Karino trying to build sound really good, computer is very important to college students. The computer is an important source that we need to succeed in college.

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“Wi-Fi helps students get better grades, survey says” By: Katherine Culajay

In 2008 the Wi-Fi alliance made a survey where they asked college students questions about Wi-Fi and how does this help them to succeed and have good grades. According to this survey, 75% of students said that Wi-Fi access on their college campuses helps them get better grades. Also, the survey indicates that “students will give up beer before giving up Wi-Fi”, this means that for some students Wi-Fi does make a difference on their every day routine. Another thing that is important to say about this article is what Edgar Figueroa who is the executive director of the Wi-Fi alliance said, “Students respond to the quick access to information that Wi-Fi makes possible, including access to academic information and university schedules.” In other words, Wi-Fi makes life easier for students because it gives them an opportunity to check the information that they need for an assignment or important things about the course.

Wi-Fi is essential for students because it is like a tool that helps them to create their path to academic success. However, not every college has Wi-Fi, and the ones they do it doesn’t work very well. As this survey demonstrates, students believes that by having Wi-Fi they can have the chance of having better grades or at least they have the opportunity to catch up on their work. That’s why Wi-Fi is essential for college and its students.

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Pitt Community College (North Carolina) Computers and equipment

In order to succeed in college, students need to have the facilities and tools that can make them change their academic level in a very positive way. Pitt community college gives their students all the technology tools that they need so that they can complete their assignments without waiting too long or struggling with it. The college’s letter about technology said, “Students can check out laptops from the circulation desk (1st floor) to use inside the library.” according to this college, students have the opportunity to have a laptop even when they actually don’t have one because the library provides them one while they are on campus. Also as this college is saying, they try to help students in everything they can. However, if a student needs to print or make a copy of a paper they must pay 10cents for each paper. In conclusion, this is one of the colleges that give to students much facilitation on how to succeed and have good grades, but also they make them pay for each of the work they want to print. In other words, the college helps them but at the same time they have to pay for it.


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By: Cristian Corte

When looking up any places or budget towards City Tech being able to give resources such for their students I found two great articles. One article gave me a full listing of every single computer lad that there is in city tech throughout the whole campus. While the other article gave me an overview of the budget and how it works for City Tech. It really surprised me to see that City Tech has various options for students although not all of them were actually computer labs just for students they may be for professors or a classroom instead of being just a computer lab. It is really great to see that City Tech being a technology school really gives us a big amount of options to where we may want to take advantage of the resources.

The article second article speaks about the budget issue with City Tech. Of course there is going to be a budget when it comes to a school. City Tech has a budget that if anything that is less and five thousand dollars is considered equipment. While anything less than five thousand dollars will just be considered a supply in the budget. Considering that I think we still would like to find out specifically how much City Techs budget is, it would be useful to know because City Tech has various computer labs and technology is not cheap.

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