Technology at city tech (Sophonie, Katherine, Cristian)

The topic for our project is Technology (computers and Wi-Fi) and our research question is How does technology provides academic success to students?  We came up with this question because we think that since City Tech is a big college with a lot of students, we need more advances in technology so that it could have a positive impact in our success as a student. During the project, some of the places that we are going to observe carefully are the learning center, the library and how does the Wi-Fi works. As we have noticed the Learning center is supposed to be a space where students can do their work without having any problem. However the room is too small and students can barely have space for themselves. Also there are too many students on campus so it would be better if the learning center can provide us with more computers so that everyone can get the chance to get their work done. The library is always full but they don’t have a big amount of computers, so students always have to make a line and wait for a computer to be free. Obviously this is not good for us as students because sometimes we need to just print something but because of the long line we get late to class. Another of the issues that we want to cover during this project is the printer and the copy machine. As students we need to have more access to print our work, but city tech has a rule in which the student is allowed to print just 25 pages per day. If we want to get a copy of a paper we have to pay for it. Finally, the Wi-Fi doesn’t work well and when it does it’s slow and it’s hard for students to get online or finish their work.

We know that the use of technology is a very important and essential factor at city tech because it provides us with an advance tool to success and good grades. However, without this technology students are struggling by getting their work done and this could have a negative effect on their academic success. Some of the questions that we have in mind for this project are: how do you feel by making the line on the library just to get your work done? Have you ever struggled with the amount of paper that city tech provide us? And how does not having Wi-Fi affect you?

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