Student Services at City Tech (Eunice, Kiyanna, Nahid)

The chosen topic that will be discussed will be City Tech student assisting services. The forces driven behind shinning lights on this topic is the ideology that programs/ services need to be recognized by the student body at City Tech. After all they do promote the well being of the students attending the college. The evidence behind used to support the findings will be personal interviews with individuals who work in the field, the student handbook and last but not least the students who use the services. Hopefully, after finding the evidence to support ideas on the services/programs that city tech student assistance provides, many of the unknown will be answered such how are the services obtained by the student who is eligible for the service, what they provide, and how they help the student or groups of students.

As well as showing and describing how and why these student services contribute to the well being of City Tech students, there will be a focus on how these services promote themselves to the students. There are many of the services that go unknown to the student body at City Tech. How do these student services advertise themselves? Are they clear so each student knows where they are located and how they work? Many student services go on heard of, some of which are able to help a student’s academic year flow with ease. Students should have access to the information of all these services. They are for the assistance of the student after all.

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