Exploring the Wellness-center (Dina, Brittany, & Esteban O. Ramos_the 2nd)

The topic chosen to discuss was The Health Center. How has the wellness-center promote the well being of the City Tech Students (?)  Many answer came up, such as, it is something that needed to  be tackle for teens who were ill-informed, people have yet to know how HIV can be transmitted or how giving a sip of soda to others can lead to some bad things, but the real reason that a raised  the most was, city tech students are young adults that have yet to be exposed to these facts. Facts ranging from, being a single mom, HIV, STDS, and many, many more that the wellness-center provides information to. A lot of information underneath people in the wellness-center, topics that can and will grab readers with the harsh truth about sex, drugs and pregnancy. People should be interested in the wellness-ness center because it does not only informs you but also has pills, check ups and vaccinations are provided.

The information that’ll be used will mostly be from the wellbeing-center such as, pamphlets, interviewing some of the workers and pictures of how the informations is being showed to the students. Another way we are going to get our information from is asking students around city tech and see how they are informed. Something that the students will be asked are, are they getting the information about safe sex (?) how has the college informed them about information (?) what do they wish to learn from the health center (?) and what would they wish for the health center do to help promote their infomation (?) The project is argumentative, the college needs to promote more information to the students, rather than having it underneath people all the time.

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