Architectural structure (Eloina,Saldin,Sha-Kina,Ivan)

The research question is: How does architectural structure promote happiness/well-being? Students want to enter a college that has a lovely looking structure to spend 2 to 4 years in. This topic was chosen because the architectural structure makes up the mood of the students. Throughout this research the persuasion to enhancing architectural structure is needed in order for the president of City Tech to truly promote happiness/ well-being.

This topic should interest students because the environment influences motivation, and can potentially lead to success in college. Commuters’ common sayings are “I want to have a real college experience.” The dream of “having a real college experience” starts from the structure, and how the building looks. Most of the research will be within the hallways and the actual structure of the hall ways and hallways on different levels. In the project there will be source from online and also students will be answering a series of questionnaires that deals with the research question. The way the project can be narrowed is by observing small details that the hallways contain that promotes the happiness/ well-being of students along with having a college experience. To go more into depth within the project students will be asked, “How can the City Tech make their students experience a college experience? This question will provide suggestions on improving architectural structure because students care about how the campus looks like. The focus for the project is to indicate how the structure, and the appearance of City Tech can fulfill happiness/ well-being to all the students.

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