“Learning Area at City Tech” from Sophonie, Katherine, Cristian

The research question of this project is: How does the learning area promote stabilization to students? The area we would be looking at is the library, learning center and the tutoring area. The learning area is a very important place for the student. It’s the place that student in City Tech look for help like exam and essays. The library in City Tech needs more improvement it to small; they don’t have enough computers for student. Students have to wait in a long line just for the computers. They should allow the student to print out more than 25 pages per day. They should have more tables for student to study. They should have more than 2 printers in the library. Lots of students attend City Tech, and City Tech is a big college so students suppose to be comfortable. The learning center should be bigger. The WI-FI at the learning center is to slow, it hard for student to get access to the WI-FI with their personal computers. There are too many students that attend City Tech so the learning center needs more spaces. The tutoring area is way too small. They need more staff that is willing to tutor students. The staff that tutors the students should write correction to the essay. They should tell student what they should do in their essay to make it better. City Tech tutors don’t really put enough effort in the students essay. These are the thing that needs improvement in the learning area for students at City Tech.

We are interested in this area because it’s something important that every college should provide. The library, learning center and tutoring area is very important for student because they are the source we need to be successful in our careers. So City Tech needs to provide student with a comfortable area to study and improve our academics. The sources we would use for this research is personal observation, the internet and critical thinking. The question we would ask to student at City Tech, Is how comfortable to you feel in the library, learning center and the tutoring area? Do you like waiting in line for the computers? Do you get enough help in the tutoring area? Do you like to use your computer in the learning center?

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