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Hi everyone:

Just a friendly reminder, since I will be out of town for the Society of Utopian Studies conference, tomorrow (Th 11/14) Professor Pawlukewicz will be covering our class.

As we discussed on Tuesday, you will spend all of class time tomorrow working together in your final project groups (if you need a refresher on who is in which groups, you can find the Final Project Groups here), brainstorming ideas and drafting your research proposal together.

An important part of this process is finding a “site” in City Tech (this can be a real, physical space, or a “virtual space” or a service/series of services, such as SEEK, or curricular activities, etc.). If possible, bring to class your New Student City Tech Handbook (that I distributed early in the semester), as this is a great resource for looking at the different services/sites at City Tech.

You should craft your research proposal according to what we discussed in class and what is posted on our course site under Research Proposal. A large part of this process is figuring out why this site is important in terms of students’ well-being/success at City Tech (why should people be invested in improving this site, and to devoting substantial resources–time, money, effort–to making it better according to your suggestions?), so spend some time in groups, before you start writing, thinking about your experiences as incoming (new) City Tech freshman, and what kinds of things you wish were different on campus.

Your group should post a collaborative post by Monday (11/18) night (one post for all three group members). However, I encourage you to post your blogs sooner than than so that I can provide some quick feedback to you in a  before Tuesday’s class.

As I mentioned, I strongly encourage (if you have access to one) bringing laptops to class so that you can draft the Research Proposal together there. City Tech wifi can be tricky, so make sure to arrive early to get online and troubleshoot any issues with that. Here are instructions for how to get online through the City Tech wifi.

And, not that you need reminding, but just a friendly reminder that the final draft of Essay #4 is due tomorrow: you should submit your final drafts to Dropbox and bring your folder (complete with peer review/pre-drafts) to class to hand in to Professor Pawlukewicz.

Have a wonderful week/end, and I’ll see you on Tuesday 🙂

Professor Belli

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