My happiest place

The only place I can think of as being that place i’m most happiest in is my neighborhood, Fordham Road in the Bronx. I’ve been living here since I was a newborn so I basically been in this area my whole life. The thought of ever moving never really crossed mine or my family’s mind, we have too many memories around here. It would all seem weird to start all over again in a new area. I went to Pre-k, Elementary, Middle & High school near by, I’m used to having certain shops or places near by. I’m also used to having family members close by as well. My cousin also lives near by, she always did, as a children we would go to the park across the street from where I live every summer back then.There’s just a lot of memories and good vibes around where I live that I notice every day. I can’t think of any other happiest place for me but the place I call home.

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