Class Notes From Tues 11/12

-For the final Research Project, the task is to explore a particular cite in City Tech, think critically about it, and what about it would be the improvement that will lead to City Tech’s improvement/success. When you look at the cite, go into specifics!

-About the Article:
Outdoor/public space places (ex: parks) seems to be the happiest to the people in NYC.
Some problems with the sample are the 1. timing (2 weeks isn’t enough time to determine people’s happiness through their tweets) and 2. The people who are tweeting (which are the only one’s whose opinion matter). Also, people only report what they think is accurate; therefore, what they say/tweet might not always be trued. They may also be using sarcasm.

-Mining – to take out
-Conjecture – a guess
-Unambiguous – clear
-Quantifying – turning into numbers
-Sentiment – emotion or feeling
-Sentiment Analysis – computer technique where the computers read texts ; in this case, positive comments are coded positive and vice versa.
-Code – how  things are identified and labeled

-^(The positive comments/keywords in people’s tweets are what lead to a graph (hedonometer) showing what the happiest and saddest places are in NY).
-The hedonometer graph represent waves of happiness indicated by people’s tweets overtime (2009-2013). Overtime because when you look at a data you can’t make a conclusion based on it right away.
-Lastly, tweets had the highest collections in positive words; which is how it was determined that the places mentioned in the tweets were the happiest in NYC.

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