The happiest place for me in NY?

To be honest, I can’t really choose what’s the happiest place for me in New York, but I can tell you the various places in New York that makes me happy. I’ve been living here all my life, and I have to say there’re too many places for me to choose from. New York is much too big of a place, but the place where I hangout the most is Manhattan’s Chinatown. I’ve grown up there and lived there my entire life, so I know the in’s and out’s of the place. What makes this place so unique is the various handball courts, restaurants, KTV’s, and pool halls. Even though the place is called “Chinatown”, the stores, parks and restaurants are filled with different cultures. It’s almost impossible to get bored in Chinatown as there’re so many places to eat and enjoy yourselves.  Another place that makes me happy in New York is 34th Street. It has one of the best movie theaters in the city, and there’re a lot of places to shop at. The place is filled with lights and people, giving the environment a nice vibe. 34th street is also extremely convenient, as there’re many places to shop, eat, and play. Overall, the city is filled with cheerfulness and buildings, giving off a positive and welcoming aura to people. From the monstrous sky scrapers, to the bright city lights, New York is definitely a place that produces happiness and entertainment

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