My Personal Happiest Place in NYC

The happiest place in New York City for me is 42nd Street (Times Square). Times Square is the most touristy area of NYC. There are shops, fast food restaurants, and thousands of people … 24/7.  All the lights, stores, and restaurants bring so much joy and happiness to me ^_^. Although I dislike the huge amount of people thats always around, I love going down there with family and friends, to just hangout and spend quality time with them.
There are so many entertaining places in 42nd, like the famous Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum, which is always crowded with people from all over. I personally really like going there because the famous figures they have there look so realistic, always attract people and make them want to take pictures next to them.
Although many people, New Yorkers specifically, don’t like going to 42nd Street because of how many tourists are always around, stopping everywhere to take pictures, and make traffic, I personally like going down there because of it’s happy and safe environment. While being down there, you get to interact with many people without even realizing it. Everywhere you go is crowded, which makes one have to say “excuse me”, “thank you”, “please”.. and things like that. Thats already interacting with somebody.
Overall, I believe Times Square 42nd Street makes people in general happy, with its surroundings.

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