My happiest places in New York City

There really isn’t a favorite place for me in New York. Everything depends on what I do at the moment but there are places that do make me happy to go around and relax such as central park. Going to central park and relaxing takes a lot stress off of me. Whenever I go to places with my family or friends, I have a good time. It doesn’t really matter where we are, it’s just fun to be around people your close with and where ever you go, you’ll have a good time. My favorite place to eat is at spice, the food is amazing but it’s not the happiest place for me. If I really have to choose what’s the happiest place for me in NYC, I’d say home because I’m home almost most part of the day and I have a lot happy moments at home then when I’m outside. Another happy place I love to be at is at time square at night, NYC is the city that never sleeps. There are people always in time square. The city lights are beautiful to look at during night time. It makes me feel as if I’m having a wonderful time and what makes it better is I get to share that experience with the close people in my life. We get to the city by using the subway station, I spend about an hour or so in the train from where I live to get to time square and what makes me happy taking the train is when I can get a seat to take a nap or to listen to music

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