Happiest places vs. Unhappy places in NYC

From what i observed in NYC the happiest places are places that people can get away, walk around, meet new people, and be themselves. When i see people in NYC walking around crowded areas it is unpleasant. Malls are something people like as well. Subway stations makes people very upset. Being happy is very important and it has to do with the surrounding.

When people is walking on the side walk and it is crowded there is pushing and shoving. Some people even argue over a little push, which starts fights or even riots. This rarley happens. People are less likely smiling on a crowded sidewalk than a happy place like Riverbank park. A person who wants to be happy might cross over to a less crowded side walk, but most times their is no way to get out of that.

People go to he mall and go shopping and meet new people. The mall is a great way to be happy and do some things with friends. Sitting at a resturaunt or a spot with multiple chairs to sitor chat with friends is a part of what makes New Yorkers happy. Buying things at the mall, helps people with their happiness. A mall is great for a couple of things, which are walking around, socializing with people or with friends, eating and going shopping.

Subway stations are a prime example of unhappiness in NYC today. People spend lots of money riding the subway each and everyday to get to their destination. But the  subway is very dirty, crowded, and the trains are messed up at times. Its hard for people who have to ride the train everyday. People get arrested everyday just for going through the door or the turnstile and haveto pay money for a ticket they can or cannot pay. The train station can atleast be clean and platforms should atleast feel safe.

Over all surroundings effect peoples happiness in NYC. It is important that people measure their happiness with there surroundings. A park such as River Bank is fairly big and people can walk around to get away and to think. The park gives people a sense of space from others or even bond with others. It is hard to be around filth and walk around unhappy because of it. People should work hard to not liter and their should be better quality on the train. People should feel safe.

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