Happiest Place in NYC

When thinking about where is my favorite place in New York I thought about what most people would say such as Times Square or Central Park or any other place. Some may even say their own house or room because of the peacefulness that they have at home. But, honestly speaking the happiest place in New York for me would have to be MSG-Madison Square Garden. The home of the New York Knicks. I have been a fan since I was about four or five years old and my father use to take me to at least one or two games a season. I use to cherish those moments and always loved the New York Knicks. When ever I go I just love the atmosphere and the positive vibe from the home crowd. From the announcement of the starting lineups to booing the opposing team, to losing my voice every time that I go to the Garden. The roaring chants of defense and the desperation that the crowd always has for the New York Knicks to win the game. I simply love it. There is no other place in the world like Madison Square Garden also known as the worlds most famous arena. Madison Square Garden has grown on to me since I was a young boy and it just continues to grow on to me. The season just started two weeks ago and I have already gone twice. I just can not get enough. It may be a tough start for the Knicks right now but I know I will continue to go cheer and lose my voice throughout the season and I will be happier than ever. Just being inside the arena brings me joy.

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