Happiest Place in NYC

I love going places, whether it be the City, my Bodega, or even Barclay Center. All these places have a great memory in my heart, but there is one place that I love for its vast memories. It is called, Sunset Park, this where I ran around with my close friends since Middle School. Shared memories with many throughout all four seasons of the year. I remember running around with my three best pals, fights with an army of squirrels, yes, an army of tiny little critters and holding hands with a certain women, at the time. I can remember when ever I got into a fight with my parents, I went walking through the park while watching the sunset or even seeing the city lights at night and gasping at its beauty. Running through the park with my best friends yelling vulgar names at each other, for fun. Being with that certain someone, at the time, just sitting in the benches and having the conversation of a life time, or just walking around holding hands and her criticisms of my small hands. This park has so many memories that if I choose to write about it with every detail, I could write a 400 Page book called, My Happiest Place in NYC.This is will forever be the place I’d go to forget my day and let myself be for it contains more than just memories, it contains me.

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