best place in nyc….. subway trains

The Subway. The New York subway in a way is kind of like another world of its own, where people are rushing talking laughing crying and arguing that noise alone can turn many people  away from the subway but   in the same sense it was a place of peace and serenity were your mind can wonder off freely. I love the subway for many reasons  one of the reasons would be the whole different ethnicities. it’s a diversity of different cultures and backgrounds even Beliefs. actually its mind-boggling to know that you can learn on the new york subway.

I remember going on the train one day to go to to soho and i met one of my closes friends on that ride. i remember it like it was yesterday ….

i noticed her. i didn’t know her name but if i could have guessed it; it would be something like Blessed or Angel, she looked heaven sent. She had dreads but her dreads were like no other past her knees but too precious to touch the ground. Golden spirals of curls that looked soft but strong, caramelized complexion with a hint of vanilla seemed to cover her bones like satin silk sheets on a queen size bed she was the definition of elegance.  Her body was slender but curved in all the right places hips built like she carried a village in her past life, bust laid on top of her frame like she nursed all babies back to health. her nails were cut short and polished with clear polish hands decorated in Hindi designs but she was no Arabic she loved beautiful things. she stood tall like a tree that has been around for many centuries she couldn’t be knocked down. Eyes seemed to  bless you when she glances your way like they have been placed  on her body so you  can get a glance at her soul slanted and squinted they looked, she was mixed but to me i didn’t see the mix of ethnicity i saw a mother cheetah ready to attack her prey and all in the same eyes a saw a lil girl who looked like she lost her best friend ,Greenish-brown her eyes were, seemed like they couldn’t decide which earthly color they wanted to be so they chose both.Her lips pink round soft and curved in a smile line or a frown line  i couldn’t distinguish it she was mysterious. she was beautiful.High cheek bones but concealed by a her soft flesh. Her ears were plastered in jewelry she liked expressing herself through body art and then I saw it was less noticeable because it blended so well with her complexion Her hearing aid, she was deaf.

i remember actually having enough courage to write her a note saying i love her  I love her jewelry….long story short thats how one of my closes friends met.

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