“The Best Place In New York City”

Time Square 42th street located at Manhattan, New York is my favorite place in New York City. The best time to go is at night time, there have so many light and people everywhere. The posters are electronic. It the best place to hang out with family and friends. In time square 42th street they have everything such as cinemas, food, and name brand clothing stores. The buildings are very tall. Plus they have tour buses for people who want to see around time square. It a good chance to see a celebrity. They say that Time Square is the heart of New York City.


Picture website: http://powertripberkeley.com/wp-content/uploads/timessquare/times-square-42nd-street-times-square-redevelopment-is-complete—nytimes-gox05uda.jpg

The first time I went to time square 42th street I feel like I was in a different environment, so many people. The time I went was on Christmas, I love the big Christmas tree it have so many light it really stand out. Everyone there is always taking picture. The light in time square is what brings me joy. Everyone in there seems so happy. They have an ice skating place for people to ice skate. They have so many restaurants; the restaurant I like is Applebee’s. The people I like to go with in time square 42th street is my friends. They have so many things we could do there. You could never be bored.


Picture website:http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_YEz__tMDvGs/TQwtZqcbNPI/AAAAAAAAA3Q/kQlmZ8eqFrY/s1600/original.jpg

Every time I go to time square I’m excited there something about this place that brings me joy. It always crowded I like that. It’s a loud environment it never quiet. You are able to meet people. The food is great. If you never been to time square you should go it the best place in New York City. It’s like a different world that brings happiness for everyone.

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