My Happiest Place

Everyone has there own places that make them happy and bring value into their life. But To be honest i don’t really know what my happiest place is because they’re are so many places that make me happy and that make life enjoyable. For example i love going to amusement parks like Adventure land or splish Spalsh here in Long Island, those places make me happy because they are fun and they are both places you can enjoy with your family or friends. And the amount of fun is endless because they’re are so many things you can do like going on water rides or roller coasters. every time i go i get so excited because i always have fun and i have a blast with my family and friends. Another place that i love going to is the beach because you can chill with your family and have a picnic along the beach. i also love laying on the sand and getting a tan. And sometimes i just like to simply sit on the sand and watch the waves crash along the shore and i like to watch people play in the water. as long as i can enjoy my time with family and friends, really any place can make me happy. There’s so many things you can do in this world so why not go out and enjoy it. so when asked Whats your Happiest place? its hard to pick just one.

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