LIC Piers, The Happiest Place

Picking the happiest place here in NY is actually rather hard. I’ve lived in New York all my life so picking a place here was hard. There was multiple places here in New York that I absolutely love. The place that brings me the most happiness is LIC Piers or Gantry Plaza State Park. Located in Long Island City, Queens, this park has a beautiful view of the East River and Manhattan.


I have spend a lot of my time here at the piers. Since my high school was located really close, I would always have time to come by after school and relax. I loved being able to look at the water and just watch the skyline of the city. Walking to every dock is also an adventure itself. Every dock has different things that make it unique, seats, or large sinks that fishers used to be clean the fish they caught when it was allowed.


The memories I have here are endless. Having spent so much time with my friends was the best. I would sit there and think about all the times we’ve been there and remember all those laughs we all shared. Other than being a nice place to relax, the memories bring so much happiness to my heart.


The most recent memory of happiness was when my friends and I decided that we would have a photo session at the piers before prom. That picture session ended up being a funny one more than productive. Everyone in our high school ended up going their for their pictures. I don’t think I’ll ever forget that, thinking about it now just brings a smile to my face.


I encourage anyone who is around LIC to stop by the piers and just take a nice walk, sit around and look at the view. Gantry Plaza State Park is an easy walk from the 7 train (Vernon Boulevard/Jackson Avenue) or the G train (21st Street/Jackson Avenue).

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