Happiest places in NYC

The happiest places in the city i have realized can be anywhere for me. But there are two places that stand out the most to me. One of those places is anywhere on my skateboard. The love i have put into skateboarding has given me the opportunity to get my soles as well as my soul off the ground to a point that feels like astral projection, when i skateboard i feel as if none of the evil in the world can touch me. My skateboard also allows me to move through time and space faster than people running because of the balance I’ve developed over the years. I like to meet different people everywhere in the city and spread positivity wherever I’m at. I love to make people smile and feel good, I’ve learned I can learn a lot about myself by talking to older people as well as younger people. Talking to little kids for example make me feel like a little kid again which is beautiful. Older people I’ve also realized can teach me a lot, some times I think they are losing hope and no longer believe in true love but I make sure to make a fallacy of such beliefs. Whenever I have Rhythm And Poetry aka rap music I’ve also learned can help me feel good wherever I’m at, for they serve as modern day hymns that give me power. The second place that makes me most happy is the building where i currently reside. “No time for sleep i gets deep as a baritone, killer bee that be holding down his honey comb, loungin’ sun, wu brother #1, swingin’ swords chopping guillotines here they come” -Method Man (Shadowboxin’). To I,  these lyrics reflect the lounge where I interact with the people in my building as well as finish homework, and create art. I believe its important everyone perceive there place of stay as a loving place where they can accept, spread, and amplify the love they’re feeling because as Byrnes text said, the law of attraction is the most powerful law in the universe. Where you rest your head is important because its where your dreams develop.

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