Happiest Place = My room

As you can tell my happiest place in New York is my room. I know it might be weird and different, but I will show you guys why my room defeats all of the beautiful places that can possibly be a happy place for me. My room is where I spent all of my life in. Now that I have my laptop it’s easier for me to stay in my room. I have all the resources that I can possibly need to learn about the world without going outside my room. I have a desk next to my bed which has a lap and stacks of books that I have already read or am going to read. I call that section my office. Across my bed my T.V (which I rarely watch) is attached to the wall, and it looks like it is floating. Unlike other places in New York, I feel very safe in my room. Also it’s never too cold or too hot it is always just right. Everything that I need for any type of apocalypse is in my room.

Though it might sound very lazy, I find it very important that the place that I live and spend most of my life in brings me happiness. I do roam around New York and hang out with friends in really cool places, but those are places where I have memories. It is different from a place that makes me happy. I have theorized something that distinguishes between a places that makes me happy and a places that brings memories. My theory is: If I go to a place that only gets me happy with friends around then it is a place of memories. However, when you are in a place where you can find happiness by yourself than I have found my happiness place. If anything happens now you know where to find me.

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