Me, NYC & Happiness.

New York City is probably the happiest place in the world for me. I love its fast pace lifestyle, the different boroughs, all the different little worlds in NY that I have yet to see. You would think I would like Times Square or Central Park but no, the one place besides my house that makes me happy and at peace is Pier 6. As a matter of fact, I didn’t discover Pier 6 or otherwise known as the Brooklyn Bridge Pier, until I started my exploration at City Tech over the summer. Pier 6 is the most wonderful place to go, whether it is by myself, with friends or with my family. I love it over there! I’ve never gone in the morning but, I’m sure its just as beautiful as any other time of the day. Playing volleyball during the summer at the courts is amazing as well, its so much fun especially when I’m with my friends. Also, going in the evening, watching the sun set is gorgeous and just so peaceful. I can go to the pier for hours and never get bored. Another place that makes me happy is anywhere with food because I really love food. I really love Chipotle and Panera because I can get my food and walk down to the pier and relax. The Pier for me is a way of relaxing and getting away from the world. Its my go to place whenever I want to get away from life and everything else going on. Pier 6 is my happiest place in New York.

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