My world.

The two places in New York City which always seem to bring joy to me when I am down and out, are 14street and a pier. Not many people know about this pier.  I’m not going to say where because it holds a special place to me and I don’t want others going. I enjoy going to 14street because I know the area so well and there is always something happening or something to do. Usually I will go by myself and walk around and shop or get something to get from chipotle, maybe 16 handles. I enjoy doing this because it gives me time to clear my head and get away from my stress. I also like to go to the stores and see what’s in. I’m almost always in forever21, when I go to 14street.

For me the pier that I go to holds a special meaning because someone who I hold dear to my heart first brought me there. There are a lot of memories and whenever I go I feel a sense of joy, although things have changed I still have that place where I can go and feel okay. The view of the water makes me feel so at peace and I can just lay on the grass for hours. I have never brought anyone else there and I don’t think I will any time soon because it’s a place where I can go when the world get’s too hectic for me. It’s like I’m am in my own little world where for a moment everything else does not matter.

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