The big picture

It is believed by the students that the professor has the authority, clubs are appreciated. Homework is acknowledged. The desks are too small, we need to be responsible in college in order to be self sufficient. The space seems dull and simple. Everyones experiences are varied by each persons perspective. The elevators go up and down but very slowly. The food is good. School is a good place to interact with people. When you skip orientation theres no need to fit in. The professors are nice and were starting to like math. The atrium is a cool space to be in because it circulates well. expression is important  because it changes the way we feel. The purpose of school is to gain knowledge and retain it so one can become wise.Wisdom is knowledge retained. Apps assess happiness. Track yourself and question your well being. To quantify is to put things into numbers and then learn how to apply data into what is happening in your life. What makes ones quantified self maximum is unknown. Question in general. Is it possible to “hack h(app)iness”? The goal is to save the world. The world working together is going to save the world via love because that is the most powerful law in the universe says the secret text by Byrne. To aggregate means to come together. Build policies to maximize well being. GDP=gross defective profit. Tell yourself perception is key. Measuring, interpretation, aggregation. People can block love from coming to them.

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