My experiences at City Tech

People running everywhere, elevators full of students and staff members standing at the entrance door explaining freshman’s where to go. That is the first memory that comes to my mind every time I think about City Tech. While I was in my last year of High School, I had the belief that college was going to be very difficult for me because sometimes I looked at how my sister stress out with a lot of things that professors leave her to do. But the reality is that for me college isn’t that difficult even though the first days I wasn’t prepared for this big step. However, as the days were passing I was more focused and prepared for everything related with college and my future.

Coming at City Tech was something new for me, obviously it has its negative things but it also has its positive ones. One of the good things was that I got the opportunity of choosing my own schedule whereas in high school I didn’t had the best one. Everyone knows that on High School we passed almost the whole day sated in a chair watching the teacher talk and basically just writing. So being able to choose my own classes was good because it changed my daily life style.

City Tech has not only opened their entrance door for me, also it has opened many other doors full of opportunities and goals that don’t come very often. All my life I used to speak on my own language even when I was on high school. Since I am in City tech I have the opportunity of communicating in English and at the same improving my language skills every day. Another good thing that City tech has brought to me is interactions with new people from a different race. City tech is definitely like my second home after my own house. College is where I spend more time and getting more opportunities and new goals. That’s why I can say that i have overcome my college obstacle.

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