My experiences at City Tech

Attending City Tech has come to be more than what I expected.  The first thing that really made me happy about starting school was that I didn’t have to worry about rushing from my daughter’s old daycare and be on time for class in the morning.  They have a wonderful child care program with small age appropriate classrooms right in the school.  I love that!  Each child can be monitored with what ever task that they are doing.  At the end of the semester, the parents get the evaluations taken by the teachers of their child’s progress from the start to the end of the semester.  Being able to take my daughter to school with me takes a big stress off my shoulders.  I don’t have to worry about rushing, making sure that I can pick her up in the afternoon, and whenever I feel the need to check on her I know that she is right downstairs.

The classes aren’t as hard as I thought that they were going to be but with me having a lovely habit of procrastinating with school work, I tend to make things harder for myself.  The professors aren’t as harsh as I thought they would have been.  I’ve always assumed they walk in, write stuff on the board, vaguely teach their lessons, and leave.  I was surprised that most of my professors wanted to get to know their students.  Some making it a mission to learn their students’ name before the end of the semester.  At least three of the professors that I have try to make being in the classroom a comfortable place to learn and express yourself.  They encourage group conversations and classroom discussions that they themselves participate in.  For me, the amount of effort that I put into my work and studying are starting to show, whether good or bad, and professors don’t have a problem with letting me know how good I am doing or what I can to do improve my grades.   I am enjoying the classes that I have and I hope that they will only get better.

Seeing the I wasn’t much of a social person in high school, I wanted things to be different when I started college.  I’m not saying that I talk to everyone in all of my classes but I try to have a positive attitude and I try to make myself very approachable because I know how hard it is to talk to someone you don’t know.  I have met some amazing people since I’ve been here, some so different than me but that’s what makes talking to them so much fun.  Having so many people with different personalities helps me to understand things a lot better.  Some people have even made such an influence on my life that I have changed in ways that I never thought I would.  I am starting to experience what its like to be in college but to also experience life and what it has to offer.

College is the time when you prepare yourself for what life is all about, learning, meeting new people, trying different things, becoming an adult, and developing who you are as a person.  In this time, you are beginning to mold yourself into the person you want to become.  My experiences at City Tech so far are wonderful!  I wouldn’t change a thing because everything you do whether good or bad is a learning experience and I am appreciating all the things that I have learned.  Even though I don’t plan to stay and graduate from this school, I will never forget my first time in college. The moments that I’ve had and the ones that I will create are moments that I will share with my daughter when she decides to go to college.


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