My Experience IN City Tech.

I remembering walking into City Tech. for the first time during Summer, I had to take remedial math from 8:30am – 1:30pm on the 6th floor. Once I stepped in, it felt like a new world has emerged right in front of my very eyes. I was happy, yet scared, I didn’t believe I’d make it in college, the idea of failing made me fear stepping into unknown territory. I wanted to walk out with a white flag yelling “This isn’t for me.” I sat down in my chair and waited for the Professor to show up. I looked around the classroom and saw that they all had the same face I had on, skeptical. I knew I wasn’t the only one, this fact made me feel like I’m already apart of something great, apart in college experience, even if it was for one second. Once the Professor enter the room, it felt nothing like high school, everyone looked up at her and was ready to do work in a flash. I was one of them, I was capture by this fact and knew that if I wanted to start somewhere, this was the place. The feeling of failing went down the drain once The Professor started to teach. I knew I was in good hands, but more importantly I walked out with my hands and head held high. I was ready for each day to come.

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