My experience in city tech

When I got the acceptance letter to City Tech, I was surprised and excited at the same time. I was surprised due to my extremely low grades, and SAT scores. I was also excited because a lot of my friends are currently enrolled in City Tech. When people told me that I actually had to do study and submit my work on time, I didn’t believe them. Now that I actually attend college and get to experience the college courses, I realized that not believing them was a huge mistake. In order for me to pass college, I’ll have to change my mentality on school. When I first stepped into my human services class, I was extremely nervous. We all sat in a circle facing the professor. The first thing I noticed was that the professor spoke and acted in a professional manner. After realizing that the professor was serious about our work and study, it was time for me to step my game up. Even though college may be challenging and stressful, it was time for me to acknowledge that I have to push myself to further my goals in the future.

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