my experience at city tech

My experiences so far at City  Tech the New York school of technology, are better then I expected it be. I started a little apprehensive about going to the school because I know that this is not what I wanted to be my original game plan was to go to Brauch college, but because my   GPA wasn’t what they required I decided I spend my first year at City Tech building it up. Any way I have met some of the coolest people to be around  which makes coming to city tech not so bad not to mention I love three of my classes, intro to college life which helps me take responsibility for my actions, my human service class which I love the most because it drives me even more to achieve my dream in becoming a social worker  and lastly my remedial math believe me I hate math but my teachers and class mates make it more tolerable.


My main focus overall is to pass all of my classes with the grade that I’ve set for myself honestly believe that I am getting  the motion of being a college student and though it is different from being a high school student I’m getting the hang of it . I love the college is unpredictable nothing can be predicted unlike high school you set the same boundaries for yourself, you do the same things college is like in a sense but has a variety of experiences. I really do enjoy city tech

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