Experience at City Tech

When I first got accepted to city tech I was really excited and I felt like I was ready for college. The first time I stepped in to city tech was during summer. I had remedial math and it was a boring class. I had to be in the classroom for 3 hours, 4 days a week. Sadly I failed the class because I never did any of my homework. I thought I had to just pass the test in the end of the course but here I am again retaking the class. When fall semester started I was excited to learn about new things and make new friends. My schedule brings a smile to my face because the latest I get out is on Wednesday at 2 p.m.

The elevator in city tech comes in handy especially when I’m about to be late for class but most of the time I prefer walking up the stairs to get my morning exercise. my classes don’t stress me out  unless I get homework and decide to do it last minute which causes me to get the writer’s block and I slack on my work. The happiest moment for me in city tech is when I get to leave, that satisfaction feeling I get knowing I’m done for the day

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